Spirit By Any Other Name Is Still Sweet

Spirit cannot be defined in the linear language of the persona, it is, above all, an experience of beingness, not doing ness. You can't think Spirit as Spirit is felt.

I like the metaphor of Spirit that is in ancient words for soul and Spirit-the Sanskrit Atman, the Latin Anima and Spiritus, the Greek Psyche and Pneuma, the Hebrew Ruach-They all mean "breath." Spirit conceived as the breath of life.

The "breath" is the animating force behind everything and our deeper connection with this "breath" is what brings us greater health, happiness, abundance, peace and love. Without this "breath" of life we are empty vessels.

From what I can see, We need more Spirit in our daily lives. The first step to gaining more Spirit is to breathe more deeply. Practice breathing and more importantly, practice conscious breathing. There are many mindfulness breathing techniques. Go seek them out. Breathe and become one with the breath of life, become one with Spirit and you will radiate a sweetness through which all will be attracted to you.

My message to you is to be Spirit and lighten up. Become as light as a breath of air.


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