Mindfulness...What Is It?

The single biggest breakthrough that I've had in my spiritual journey and continue to practice is mindfulness.

There is much written about this state of mind and I want to add my voice to the mix as this is one of the most important states of mind you can have no matter your belief system.

What is mindfulness?  From my experience, mindfulness is the state of focused mind on the present moment. It is approaching life with conscious intention. It's like when you are doing an activity of any kind, you are there with that activity and thinking of nothing else and being in the conscious awareness of the love you are doing that activity with. You are directing your thoughts to the activity with intention without judgement. You are paying attention to what's on the inside but you are not time traveling to the past or future.

Here are three precepts to keep in mind as you become more mindful:

1. Everything in the Universe is energy.  Mindfulness is using energy with purpose.

2. The Law of Attraction is when like energy attracts like energy and when have an energy match. Being mindful changes your energy into focused energy that hones in on specific intent. It attracts to you exactly what you intend.

3. Neuro-patterning is the process of ingraining new belief systems, that is, deliberately choosing your thoughts, programming yourself to be more conscious, more aware and becoming more mindful.

Being mindful is turning on the switch from being mindless, unconscious and letting your energies dissipate to being in charge of your consciousness, awareness and energy so that you may play in the field of infinite possibilities and have the life you choose, not the life that chooses you! Big difference!


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