Love is a Force, Not an Emotion?

I learned of my essential nature several years ago when my mentor, Shekina, described the traits of a Blue Ray Being of Love and Wisdom, people of the Blue Ray Soul Group. I fit this description exactly in terms of my life experiences, my thoughts, feelings and spirit. From that discovery, I came to understand and accept why I am here.

I am a Blue Ray Being of Love and Wisdom. The Blue Ray is the Ray of Spirit, the Ray of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. It has manifested as part of Creation to let itself know that it is Love with Wisdom. What does this mean, Love with Wisdom? It means that it is telling itself that it KNOWS that it is Love. It is desiring and having a Loving experience as exemplified by the nurturing of the Mother-Earth, Gaia which is Creation in formate, the Creative Force.

All the Creative force is, is knowing that it is Love. That's the Wisdom part. It IS Love. It is BEING Love.

In knowing that it is can be BE Love, therefore it is always IN Love. That's why we, as Human Beings fall in Love. We mirror the aspects of Love in our physical experience.

I wondered what role Gaia, the Earth played in my Spiritual existence. I finally realized that the Earth experience for me and all of us is one of nurturing. Gaia is embracing us as THE MOTHER! Gaia is Loving us!

This nurturing is God's way of nurturing itself in its own Force of Love. God has said by this nurturing, it is OK to nurture and be in the Force of Love with itself. God desires to know itself this way.

I know that that I am Love and Wisdom now. I know as a Blue Ray Being that my presence on Earth is to be the vibration of Love and Wisdom knowing that I am Love now and that is my information to Gaia and all of Humanity is: KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVE NOW AND ARE HAVING A NURTURING EXPERIENCE!!!

Spirit is Love, the most powerful force in the cosmos and sorry, not an emotion. My message: BE IN LOVE, WITH WHO? YOURSELF, MEANING THE SACRED ASPECT OF YOUR SPIRIT!


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