"In A Better Place."

People are always saying that when someone dies, they "are in a better place." Other than the supposed end to their suffering, if they were ill before they died, why is it a "better place?" Is it a PLACE? Where is this place?

From my experience with my own death and the death of others which I have gone through many times having been on this planet for a long, long time, there is no better place. What do I mean by this?

We humans are multidimensional by nature. We exist on nine planes of existence including the three lower ones of body, mind and emotion, let alone Spirit. We spend our human lives identifying with the three lower planes of existence, believing they are the only ones and when we transition to our higher planes, which are valid "realities" just like the lower three, surprise, surprise, we are still in existence, still alive!!!  It's not a better place. It's a higher vibrating version of this place and this place is where I have chosen to be so I don't put a moral judgement on living in this denser, three dimensional matrix I have agreed to be in!!!!!!! I don't say this is lesser or worse and there is better.

When I die, I don't go anywhere. I simply vibrate in my higher planes of existence as in the astral, celestial and ketheric planes of existence which are also "real," as real as my physical body.

This is not a denial of death. It is an awareness of what is actually "real." That is, I am a multidimensional being who lives simultaneously on nine planes of existence and just because I refuse to become aware of the higher planes or distract myself from accepting that they are real, doesn't mean they are not real.

There is no better place when you die. This, right here, is a better place. They are all better places. Being human and having a physical experience while I also have spiritual experiences is a better place.

There is no death. It's existing in different vibratory levels. I know because I am in them all and I function in them all.

It's time to let go of this "better place" belief system and realize we exist in more than three dimensions at once. We are not limited to just here. We are here, there and everywhere!


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