Feeling Puny?

R. Buckminster Fuller said, "We feel puny in comparison to the size of the Universe but only our bodies (hardware) are puny. Our minds, which is our (software), contains the Universe, by the act of comprehending it."

Comparison is an act of the persona/psyche/ego where we judge ourselves and others and negate the truth of our own Divinity.

We are Divine beings in a manifested realm and ARE the Universe. We have spiritual authority and with the consciousness of our spiritual power, we can take responsibility for what we create both positive and negative. That's the comprehension part...we accept and know who we are.

We are the crafters of our experience, we are the creators of our own experience, we are the ones attracting the same experience over and over again whether they are good or bad meaning whether they bring us abundance or lack.

Becoming conscious of this fact and owning it, helps us to create the reality of choice with intent. That is, manifesting those things in our reality that we choose to manifest, not that just happen and we wonder why it happened. When we recognize that we are the Universe, there is no second-guessing why things show up in our reality. We consciously choose to make them happen as the empowered beings we know we are.

Puny? That's ego. Don't tell yourself you're puny or let anyone else tell you that. That's a victim mentality, a lack mentality. YOU bring things into your experience, no questions asked!!!

You know yourself to be the Universe. Don't scapegoat the Universe by blaming it when bad things happen because, you, the Universe, made it happen!

Don't "should" yourself into very positive states that are not authentic. Acknowledge the truth of how you feel as, you, the Universe, knows the difference. No exceptions!!!


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