Are You Curious?

What makes people move out of ego thinking and look to see more? I believe it's curiosity. If you are not curious about what exists outside of ego, your concerns will be about yourself, politics, finances, self-righteousness, war, media, fear and survival. Our planet is rife with ego wherever you look. That's where all the suffering comes from...ego. In ego there is no forgiveness. In ego there is death. In ego there is fear. In ego there is the reptilian brain that says "eat or be eaten."

The time has come to maintain lower ego and look beyond it into the territory of Spirit. It is time to open up your curiosity and take a little peek at the true nature of our earthly reality which, once you see it, you will realize it's all spiritual as in we are spirits having a human being experience. That human being is a complex comprised of nine planes of reality in the physical Universe from the lower etheric plane to plane of unity consciousness.

Every human being has an aura, every human being has seven basic chakras not matter whether you are aware of them or not. Your not being aware of them doesn't mean they don't exist.

We are multidimensional beings from birth. We are Divine beings with spiritual authority. It is time to look at this no matter what your belief systems are. I suggest that if you are embroiled in lower ego, you develop a little curiousity and take a tiny peek at what is beyond your ego. You may enjoy the untold worlds that await you. The worlds of service to others, love, compassion, peace, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.

I encourage you to move out of lower ego and at least let in a little sliver of the light. You might just like it.


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