Friday, May 29, 2015

"Heyoan On Death."

For most of us, talking about what our psyche sees as death is often sordid, scary and unbearable! It should be considering how mass consciousness conditions us negatively about what is essentially our greatest experience! The Wisdom Path is an intrepid path and no subject is really scary. This is not our most pleasant subject and indeed a most necessary one to understand.

Here are some perceptions of what we call "death" from Barbara Ann Brennan's book "Hands of Light, A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field." I am quoting from chapter 8, "Human Growth and Development in the Aura." This section is entitled "Heyoan on Death."

Heyoan is Barbara Ann Brennan's spirit guide who has been lecturing her on the death process and here are excerpted parts of Heyoan's lecture:

"...death is not what we have understood, but a transition from one state of consciousness to another."

"The process of death, that which we would call transition to greater awareness, can be seen as a process in the energetic field."

"when you die, you are going to another dimension. There is dissolution in the lower three chakras. There is dissolution of, and note we say dissolution, of the three lower bodies."

"The death that you imagine you will experience can be found within your wall (walled-off pieces of our consciousness that we don't wish to confront or realize during our incarnation). Every time you separate yourself in any way, you die a small death."

"Thus death dissolves, it is nothing but the releasing of the wall of illusion when you are ready to move on. And who you are is redefined as the greater reality. YOU ARE STILL YOUR INDIVIDUAL SELF; WHEN YOU DROP YOUR BODY, YOU WILL MAINTAIN THE ESSENCE OF SELF." (Caps are mine).

This is a strong subject but need not be seen as repulsive. Death is beautiful. It is our walling off of the Universal truth that makes it so difficult to bear.

This reality we live in is a consciousness and because we identify with it so strongly, we cannot see it for what it is: a hologram. We are not flesh as we understand it; we are really slowed down Spirit!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Knowing Doesn't Make You Smart...Experience Does!

We live in a society that says how smart you are is determined by how much you know, how high your intelligence quotient is and how much logic and left brain power you have. What is under-valued is our right-brain powers, our emotional intelligence and the depth of our experience including our experience on the Wisdom Path with Spirit.

For me in my perception, knowing doesn't make me smart. Whether I know certain facts and figures does not determine my level of smarts. What determines how smart I am is the depth of my experience and whether I am learning my soul lessons...the soul lessons I specifically came here to learn. That is why my soul experience certain lessons specifically for my soul growth!

My psyche doesn't have to know everything for me to be a brain, for my soul is in touch with all the knowledge that ever existed. That doesn't mean that I don't value life-long learning for my persona's benefit and I am someone who constantly reads and writes, as I have a college degree from the City University of New York at Brooklyn College and still maintain intellectual pursuits.

It is the wisdom endowed in your experience that, to me, makes you in the know, makes you smart. Have you learned your lessons or are you making the same life lesson mistakes over and over again? Are you living your life wisely or not? To me, not using your endowed wisdom culled from experience is not smart!!!

What is really intelligent to me is learning our soul lessons and moving on. Being on a constant tread mill of the same life lessons shows a lack of awareness and a lack of true intelligence.

Wisdom is the key factor of intelligence, I believe. It has all to do with being in touch with all your experiences as the soul you are from ALL of your lifetimes. Get in touch with this wisdom that is within you and you will understand how "lesson learned" is a truer sign of human intelligence.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Unconditional Love Consciousness - With Wisdom

Unconditional love consciousness. A mouthful to say and the most difficult level of vibrating the force of Love while we are in human form, in persona, in ego.

What is unconditional love consciousness? Why is it important and why must we have wisdom in being in this consciousness?

From the vantage point of my experience, unconditional love consciousness is that vibratory level of being that has you loving without agenda, without expectation of getting anything in return. You don't put any condition on giving your love. You are love and you give it freely. You realize that you can never really have a broken heart for your unconditional love is not a thing, it's a state of being that replenishes itself.

To develop this consciousness is important because it creates a space where there's nothing anyone has to do to earn your love. This is not tit for tat where if someone didn't do your bidding, you withdraw your love. This state of consciousness gives love freely. It is a higher vibration that sees everything as Spirit, as God, as Creation and therefore, we don't pursue ego battles to give it or have it. There is never anything lost in giving unconditional love that has no strings attached!!!

That being said, this level of awareness must be maintained with wisdom. You can be unconditionally loving but you don't have to be foolish in that when you are around those who behave egotistically and conditionally, you don't have to allow those vibrations to pull you down. You simply continue to love from a place of loving detachment, from afar, no judgement. You don't allow what you may think of as conditionally loving behavior to effect you because all are on a path to understanding unconditional love. Some are not there yet and they will be.

I see this loving detachment as a compassion for others while not letting yourself be enmeshed in conditional loving behaviors with others.

I have seen this up close and personal as with my own conditional loving behavior and that of others.

My consciousness allows me to continue to love them even when they are playing tit for tat with love for I am in the vibration of love, the force of love. I continue to love no matter what and I do it wisely.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Letting Go

After my soul mate and love of my life, my wife Maureen passed away suddenly in 2012,  I did not yet want to or understand what "letting go" was really all about when it comes to someone with whom I had a deep, defining and life changing and loving  experience.

We all hear this mantra about "letting go" as it relates to all aspects of our lives. But, what is "letting go" really all about? These are my perceptions culled from three years of grief, sadness and loneliness that I experienced after Maureen left. If you have other experiences with the perception, not opinion, with "letting go," please share them with me in this forum.

After someone special dies, we often are bombarded with encouragements to move on and let go. I received these admonitions from relatives who were well-meaning but deep inside, I really didn't understand what it meant to "let go." Of course, I thought I did but the act of "letting go," for me, was not what I had previously understood it to be until I changed my perception of it.

After three years of wrestling with "letting go" of Maureen's being physically gone, I realized that she wasn't gone. A part of her still remained and of course, not her physicality, not her persona or lower ego. Her Spirit was still in existence as I had much contact with her.

My tendency was to want her back physically, to want to hug her and talk to her persona again. This was impossible and I had to accept that but more importantly, I had to control my psyche to not fixate on her persona and allow my deeper perceptions to come to the fore where they knew Maureen would always be a part of my beingness, always in my heart, that Love never dies. I no longer needed to be so attached to her physicality because it had been left aside by her and her true self was still intact on a higher vibratory level of existence.

I finally discovered that "letting go" was accepting the reality of her physical departure and releasing my psyche's fixation on her persona which caused all of my sadness and loneliness. I had to learn to live my life again, to move out of stasis, to find my motivation again and realize I was not truly alone. I was not forgetting Maureen, I was simply coming to terms that there is ever lasting life and death is a mirage. We don't die, we just change form and our psyches have a difficult time realizing this.

I cannot lose the experience of "Maureen." I can only move along my road, my path of new experiences and have joy in the fact that I did experience an incredible, loving being in Maureen.

"Letting go" is really recognizing the true nature of who we are: ever lasting Spirit who takes on persona to have soul-growth. Our true experience is coming and going in and out of form!

As I release my fixation on Maureen and let go, I know that I will see Maureen again in the after life and the next life, that is, on the higher vibratory planes of existence and as a new persona and I will hug her and she will say, "you did good."

Monday, May 25, 2015

Your Spiritual Toolkit to Create Like a God

You are God in human form. You are not ALL of God, just a fragment of God. As God, you have God's powers...that is, you are a creator. Oh, you don't believe it? Take another look at your abilities for they are a part of your Spiritual toolkit and they are:

1. What you think, you create.

2. What you feel, you attract.

3. What you imagine, you become.

This is how God manifests: with thought, with feeling, with imagination. This is called intent and we have these abilities as well. The problem is we have been conditioned by mass consciousness to believe we are powerless. We have been taught to give our powers up to what we have been made to believe is higher than us. There is no such thing. We are our Higher Selves, endowed by Creative Source Infinite Intelligence to create at will.

If you don't believe this, use the skills in your Spiritual toolkit listed above and watch all that you have desired in life of a positive nature manifest into your reality!!!

Think, feel, imagine. You are powerful with the intent of your Self. Now, function as such.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

There is Only Here...There is Only Now

Our psyches believe, as in an opinion, that time is real and that we live a linear time-span. We also believe where we are or go is a "place." From my experience in perceiving the truth about time and place, there is no time and place. These are thought constructs we materialize for the game of life to create memories from experiences with the goal of expanding our spiritual awareness. We live out a life like a firefly, pulsating our light for a brief , momentary flicker. We do this over and over again until we release ourselves from this mystical experience.

There is only here and now. Happiness in life is becoming aware of the here and now and living a life in realization that this all is ephemeral and sacred.

How do we live this way? We develop mindfulness. We become mindful that our experience is human and what drives it is spiritual. We came here to be human but we are not human. We are spirits clothed in memories here to expand our awareness of the all there is. This life we live is like playing in a sandbox. We create in the here and now with a sense of the sacredness of our play and the continuum that we are. It's all play. We take on roles and we play those roles with such intent and that's where the honor is.

When you get mired in your struggles, yet again, become mindful that it's all in the here and now, it's a play in which YOU are the leading actor. So, act well your part but don't take it so seriously for here today, gone tomorrow. Yes, the Universe does move on from this here and now to another here and now.

Live this way and all will come to you here and now.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Do You Desire A Happy Life?

Do you desire a happy life? In my estimation, the greatest way to have a happy life is to do what you love with no compromises. Sure, there are roadblocks in life that stop us short of doing what we love.  My advice: go around them and "shake off the dreariness and long-suffering attitude of the five-sensory world of duty and sacrifice and prepare to LOVE your life once again."

We are vibratory beings of love; we are "keepers of frequency." May I encourage you to "learn how to defy the laws of humanity by conscious direction of your awareness and energy."

We are vibrating at the frequency of love and that, my fellow wisdom keepers, is the frequency of creation.

Do what you love and "seek the meaning of the exalted self. It is triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement and the highest in attainment."

If there are dark issues within your life that seem to prevent you from doing what you love, that seem unresolved, simply open to love. Be love, give love, open your heart to receive love. Anything else is not wise!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Feng Shui- The Good Manipulation of Chi

Chi flows and it's smooth and good flow in our bodies leads to our good health. It also flows in our environments and its flow is especially important in our homes since our close proximity to the chi in our homes effects our lives in every way from health to abundance.

The Chinese call manipulating the chi in our environments the science of Feng Shui. Learn this science as it will help all that is good to flow to you and all the negative aspects to be removed from your environs.

There is much to study and understand in the realm of Feng Shui and here are some surface level tips you can start using right now to clear negative energies from your home:

1. Salt your carpets by sprinkling sea salt on the carpets and then vacuuming the salt up.

2. Whatever is not working or is dead, as in clocks or plants, fix or remove from your home.

3. Remove clutter from your home.

4. Avoid too many loud noises.

5.  Play spiritual music.

6.  Meditate in your space.

7. Rearrange the furniture to allow a path for the chi to move.

8. Add living plants.

9.  Smudge with sage or light incense.

10. Light candles.

11. Verbalize positive affirmations.

These are just a few ways to help remove negative energy in your home and create an environment where positive, free flowing chi can come into your space, creating balance and harmony, the basis of all well being.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: "Transform Doubt With Faith"

Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path: "Transform Doubt With Faith": Doubt is the biggest spoiler on the Wisdom Path. If you doubt that your spiritual path is real, have faith. It will turn you around. What ...

"Transform Doubt With Faith"

Doubt is the biggest spoiler on the Wisdom Path. If you doubt that your spiritual path is real, have faith. It will turn you around.

What is faith? To me, faith is the intuitive understanding of all truth. You see, you believe and you know that you are Spirit and that anything is possible.

How does this combat doubt? Faith helps the psyche cope with uncertainty by changing its perspective in knowing that all is well and that our spiritual path is one of learning and this is why we are here - to learn life lessons that grow our soul's awareness. We then see that life is not about judgement and suffering. It is about growing and once we learn a particular lesson, we do not have to repeat it. We can move on. Soul mission accomplished. Stop making the same lesson come to you over and over. Learn the lesson. That gives you faith and banishes doubt. You know that the cosmic laws that operate on and with us are irrevocable and we can use the power of faith to have a more aware And happy life and it can and will happen.

Having faith is trusting that all is well. There are no mistakes, only life lessons meant to teach. Transform your perspective of life to include faith and you will no longer doubt. Once you release doubt, the Wisdom Path opens up to you and provides you with all you desire.

Feel rich and blessed. The World says you are!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If You Aren't Controlling Your Thoughts...No Wonder Your Reality Is Chaotic!

There is an irrevocable Cosmic Law that operates with all surety in our domain: The Law of Fulfillment or Law of Production or Law of Creation. This Law of Fulfillment "deals with the power of thoughts and words where thoughts are seeds and, when coupled with emotion, produce a living vibration that will bring forth after its kind." (Quoted from the book Ye Are Gods by Annalee Skarin from the book, In Resonance with Jasmuheen).

We must remember that matter follows vision and Spirit. Energy follows thought and thought then creates. There is no getting around this as what you sow, you shall reap.

From the same source as above, "desire is the heat that generates the seed and gives it power to manifest - the power of creation. The Law is true and eternal, no matter what we desire, if we plant the seeds (thoughts) and keep out the weeds (doubt and fear) it will come forth."

To maintain a clarity of vision, control your thoughts. Let's use our Higher Mind to create a paradise, not a prison. This is very real. This is by far the most important Law we can harness on our own personal Wisdom Path. Control your thoughts, control your reality!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Try a Little Negativity

Go ahead, go to that dark place within you and let out your negativity! It's healthy. Now, that does not mean harming another or destroying yours or anyone else's property. It is acknowledging your darkness and then releasing it in harmless ways.

Here are seven examples of negative behaviors that are healthy for the psyche to help it release itself from the clutches of darkness:

1. Getting mad.

2. Being lost.

3. Crying your eyes out.

4. Being solitary.

5. Not listening.

6. Breaking all the rules.

7. Not trying to conform.

When you accept that you are experiencing a dualistic reality of light and dark, you realize that you have some negativity as part of your wholeness. The first step to mental health, I believe, is being in touch with your negative impulses, accepting them as a part of you as in not being in denial and finding constructive ways to release this dark energy.

Just remember, as you find ways to deal with your negativity, you can't fix yourself by breaking someone else.

Monday, May 18, 2015

There is no Devil!

There is no devil, no satan, no evil spirit that's going to come in the night and suck your soul out of you. There ARE forces that will act upon you only if you allow them to and you are in an egotistical state of being. Ego is the devil and evil is done by humanity.

So when people say the devil made them do it, translation, they allowed their murderous ego to run amok. They were thinking and feeling the control of their ego and were weak in Spirit and, again, allowed this egoic force to propel them.

We are talking about the so-called lower mind and ego where the reptilian part of us has more reign. Remember that the reptilian brain's manta is "eat or be eaten." This is prevalent on our planet and is why I suggest the wisdom path, the path away from this type of thinking.

Please also remember that we live in a dualistic construct which allows for good AND bad. We have given ourselves the bad to more appreciate the good. When that lesson is learned, we don't need to experience bad any more. We can choose to experience the qualities of Spirit: love, compassion, wisdom, peace, kindness, tolerance, grace, ease and abundance. Life does have ups and downs and you have the power to control this.

Spirit is real, not the devil. When you are thinking and feeling spiritually, you are diametrically opposed to lower ego, the devil and all the bad forces.

Stay with and in Spirit. Let your Spirit direct you. It will never, ever harm.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Don't Downgrade Your Vibration

Everything in our reality vibrates at different frequency levels of light and sound including the human complex.  This is not just a spiritual statement as science has shown and continues to prove the validity of this with many experiments, theories and truths in Quantum Physics and in other scientific areas. Investigate this for yourself.

Since we humans are vibrational entities, we can manage our vibrational levels to enhance our health physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and beyond. We can control how we desire our human energy field to function and the Wisdom Path tells me to consciously practice to help it function optimally for a quality existence.

Here are seven well known behaviors that lower the human vibrational level leaving the human open to dis-ease:

1. Working too hard.

2. Lack of sleep.

3. Spending too much time around negative people.

4. Holding grudges.

5. Worrying.

6. Complaining and gossiping.

7. Saying "no" to having fun.

While there are many more vibration dampeners, these are fairly well known. Start with being aware of how much you dampen your vibration with these common behaviors.

It is wise to understand more about this and what other behaviors can bring your vibe down. In my estimation, the mental, emotional and spiritual downers are the more important to understand and avoid!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Kill Nothing

On our own personal Wisdom Path we must watch our words for they carry a great deal of power. I have heard many use words mindlessly, one example being in the use of the word kill or killing. For example, I hear people say about a physical pain like a headache, "this is killing me." They also say very cavalierly, "I have to kill some time."

Words have power, they carry energy and what you say repeatedly can manifest in your reality including absentmindedly saying something is killing you over and over again. In the end, it will literally KILL you.

Words are not just empty things. They are thought constructs that carry meaning! Their meaning carry the weight of manifestation. Why do you think that mantas and affirmations were created? They were created because the power of thoughts/words have the power to alter outcomes, to change our behavior, our condition.

What I do is kill nothing. I never say something is killing me. I do not kill time. I do not kill. I do not think of killing.  I do not even kill insects. I have eliminated kill from my beingness because there is too much killing and by not being in the vibration of killing, I help to lessen the killing.

For a better life, I say, do not kill in thought, word or deed!

Friday, May 15, 2015

The New Energy Awareness

Being on your own personal wisdom path will eventually open you up to the new energy that is already pervading our awareness. Perhaps you are perceiving this new energy already and the list below is a confirmation of what you're experiencing as you awaken more and more to the new reality:

1. Infinite Being is all there is. Nothing exists outside of it.

2. WE are Infinite Being.

3. Purpose in life is your presence here not your job. Just being here is enough.

4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential.

5. Reincarnation.

6. Life after death.

7. Life reflects what you project.

8. Abundance is natural, not lack.

9. Love is the only reality. It is a force not an emotion.

10. Self-responsibility. This is your creation. Own it.

11. Truth is ubiquitous.

12. Inner connection and insight.

Life is a mirror of what YOU project. Expand your awareness of the new reality and expand your horizons in experiencing all the happiness that is your birthright.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Are You an Old Soul?

I just read a recent channeling of the energy of Kryon entitled, "The Old Soul Defined" by Lee Carroll that elucidates what spirit sees as an "old soul." It's very revealing and I am posting Kryon's  seven qualities of an old soul here:

1. When it comes to understanding spiritual realities and the energies of spirit, old souls are like sponges for the information because the spiritual information is beginning to ring with the truth of the age.

2. Old souls are having an "akashic awakening." This is felt as a remembering as in déjà vu. You feel like you've lived before and experienced something before. Seeing constant digital read outs of 11:11, 12:12 or 10:10 on clocks is a delivery system to old souls so that they know they are old souls.

3. Deeds you have done in past lives ring in your akash and are part of your cellular structure like having been a mother having had children or a warrior having killed someone or died on a battlefield.

4. You have wisdom beyond your years. Remember, your wisdom comes through all the experiences you've had in all your've paid for it.

5. Because of previous battles with old energy where those around you burnt you at the stake, etc., you carry an attitude of a complete lack of self-worth. Your experience through history has caused you to search your mind to see if you are worth being here now in this new energy.

6. Discovering purpose. As you begin to change yourself from the old ways, your power really starts to show. Simply "be here." Your works are not as important as your presence. By being here as an experienced soul, you put your experience of wisdom into the grids of this planet, the energy of the maturity of your lives. This planet is absorbing everything you've done and maturing because of it. Relax and be. Your wisdom gives you a common sense glimpse of the mind of the Creator.

7. The old soul in this energy has the ability to feel profoundly loved by God and others do not.

Do these definitions ring true for you?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Have Unplugged From the Matrix...or Have I?

There seems to be more and more discussion about our "reality" as a projected Matrix like the one portrayed in the movie trilogy, "The Matrix" starring Keanu Reeves as Neo.

From my own experiences with awareness, consciousness and perception, I have actually seen the Matrix reality we live in and have unplugged from it. Just like unplugging from a computer program. Even though I have unplugged, how is it that I can still be seen in it as well as operate in it?

For more clarity, what exactly is our Matrix reality and what does it mean to unplug from it?  As for my perception, not opinion, our Matrix reality is based on our psyche and the belief systems we have all agreed on that make this reality real. It is also called mass consciousness, consensus trance, society, culture and all of the operating systems in it from the Government to Banking and Education to big pharma.

This reality as we know it is strong because we all believe it, however it is slowly morphing to a higher reality that truly benefits everyone worldwide and not just a few because we are changing our belief systems about this old energy matrix that isn't really working any more.

Simply look at the changes in gay marriage for the better, equal pay for women, higher minimum wage, the fall of many world dictators, the Arab Spring, the rise of Africa and South America, the changes coming about in our educational system, the revealing of all the fraud and deception in our Government and Banking system, the move toward environmental protection, the better use of natural resources, the protesting by African-Americans of the police brutality engendered against them, the changes in our war machine and so much more.

These changes are not about over-throwing anyone or anything. It is a change in consciousness that makes us change to a more balanced treatment of humanity, all the beings who we live with here and the Earth itself.

To unplug from this Matrix means not being in agreement with the belief systems that are old energy and not participating in the continued propagation of these systems. Remember, this Matrix is based on behaviors based on what is believed and thus taking action on these beliefs. It is a very powerful agreement in the collective consciousness and still has residual effect like a shadow if you will. I can still operate in it and be seen in it but not as well as before it's leaving. The Matrix we believe is our reality is no longer here! It's just a holdover! We just think we are in it!!!

I no longer believe in this old energy and I have unplugged. I am with the new energy of balance, harmony, peace, love, forgiveness, wisdom and compassion! What about you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You Must Be the Truth

After many eons on my own personal wisdom path, realizing my own inner deceptions and facing many truths about myself, my ability to lie is gone. I just can't lie or be untruthful to myself or anyone else.  I have to be careful with this because most are not ready to hear the truth. What I know to be a truth may not be true for them and I respect that.

I can also feel/know when others are deceiving me both telepathically and through non-verbal communication.

I just recently had some close relatives deceive me. My experience was one of disappointment for they are not youngsters.  I guess I expect more wisdom there and I cannot and will not judge them. I just observe their behavior for I was once there but now I'm found!

My behavior was to say OK and then move on for I know they are on their path of wisdom as well. I gave them compassion because I did not chide them or call them out and I know now that they can't be honest with me at this point.

All I realized from this experience, which has happened with them a number of times before, is that I must be even more truthful with myself and others! Truthful with others where and when appropriate. I can be blunt, glib, domineering and condescending and I don't think this is the optimal way to treat people as I have found they resent it anyway.

I believe it is Polonius in Shakespeare's Hamlet who says, "This above all, to thine own self be true."

The wisdom path demands truth and most importantly, your own inner truth, the hardest truth of all!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

What Did We Humans Forget?

As we traverse our own personal Wisdom Path, we must not forget the following life secrets as published in "The Mind Unleashed-Uncover Your True Potential":

1. Our place in the natural world.

2. Our connection to life and the cosmos.

3. Our ancient wisdom.

4. Our path and our dreams.

5. Our purpose.

6. Everything is love.

7. To forgive.

8. To be free.

9. Our real power.

10. Our lessons from history.

11. To be simple.

12. To trust, believe and wonder.

These are integral to your success on your own personal Wisdom Path. Explore these secrets and plumb the depths of your ever widening awareness.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother oh Mother

On this Mother's Day, I share with you the synchronistic experience that I had with my Mother, Mildred, who bore me and raised me and my wife, Maureen, who also helped me to be who I am today.

Firstly, both of their names began with an M. They were both Virgos with my mother being born August 23 and my wife being born August 24.

They both were earth signs astrologically and fit with my Piscean nature, that is, the mixture of earth and water. They also both helped to ground my dreamy nature.

They both were an extreme mirror for me, reflecting back to me all my good and all my not so good character traits.

They both were attentive to my needs, sometimes in very exacting ways.

Each of them told me the truth even though it hurt me at times.

They were both strong, smart, creative and hard-working women with each of those qualities teaching me and helping me immensely.

Most of all, they both taught me the true meaning of love: it is a force, it is given unconditionally as they both stuck with me through thick and thin and also mothered me and my son so strongly.

Today, they are given the deepest appreciation, gratitude and consideration with the most profound love and affection.

I miss them both even though they continue to influence and guide me on my Wisdom Path.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Opinion Vs Perception

My experience on my own personal Wisdom Path with a dear friend several days ago presented me with a striking understanding.

We were having lunch mainly because in a previous dinner with him and his wife, he did not want to leave the table when his wife was ready to leave because he said he was interested in hearing more of the spiritual information we were discussing. We planned to meet for lunch the following week.

I was looking forward to seeing him because I thought he wanted to delve into the mysteries of the Wisdom Path.

When we got our coffee, I asked him what he was interested in knowing and he said that he was too afraid and didn't want to hear anything I had to say. He also said that the spiritual ideas I talk about are of a religious nature and that I am very opinionated.

I have considered his thoughts and have arrived at some of my own.

While I was a little disappointed that he shut me down, I understood that he simply isn't ready to hear some of the spiritual ideas I have to offer, whatever he thinks those are and whatever I could clarify for him at that moment. I must state that I do have what I will call confident humility about my understandings of my spiritual path and I try to move forward with that state of being as I share my experiences on my own personal Wisdom Path.

I also agree with him that I have certain understandings that I have garnered from my perception of Spirit to which I am intimately connected because I allow myself to be. If he wants to call this being opinionated, so be it. I see it more as perception, not psyche. While I do have opinions that my psyche has put forward, I also have perceptions that come from what I'll call "higher mind" that is open to the call of Spirit. I perceive that Spirit talks to my Soul, which talks to my Mind which talks to my Emotions which talks to my Body.

If you want to call these blogs my opinions, please do. I see them as perceptions and I believe there is a distinction: opinions are beliefs that derive from our psyche and perceptions derive from experiences of the mystical reality of Spirit. Opinions are good to have and so are perceptions.

I am continuing to gain greater clarity on this and thank my friend for sharing his thoughts on this important distinction. Are we thinking with ego (psyche) or with Spirit? Isn't that the question?

Friday, May 8, 2015

"I Remember Mama"

The first Mother's Day after my beloved soul mate and wife, Maureen, died suddenly of heart failure on her 59th birthday, was emotionally wrenching for me. I was alone sitting in the home we had made together and where we raised our son. I was also thinking about how my son, Frankie, was feeling that day and what he was going to do.

As I sat there wondering what I was going to do that day, I chanced upon an old movie starring Irene Dunne called "I Remember Mama" about a Swedish family living in San Francisco at the turn of the century.

The movie is about "mama" who is the matriarch of the family in such a nurturing way that she helps her family feel financially secure whenever money matters come up by telling them, "We don't have to go to the bank." The family doesn't know that they are in a precarious position financially and that there is really no bank account. She also helps her daughter realize her dream of becoming a writer. When her daughter doesn't know what to write about for a piece she is supposed to send a literary agent in New York, mama suggests that she write about her father. The daughter just isn't inspired to write about her father and instead writes a piece entitled, "I Remember Mama," the film's title.

For me, this film was heaven-sent because it reminded me of my wife, Maureen and how great of a mother she was. She mothered both my son and me and provided us with security in making a home filled with all the wonderful elements of grounding us. She gave us love, humor, tolerance, nourishment, cleanliness, hard work, creativity, happiness, warmth and compassion. Maureen was a true matriarch par excellence.

I watch this film every Mother's Day now. I want Maureen to know that I indeed remember her / mama and have deep appreciation and gratitude for what she did for me and how she treated me.

I did not originally see this film by chance. It was given to me as a gift from Maureen to once again provide me with warmth and security. For that, I thank Maureen on this Mother's Day weekend and say, once again, a very heartfelt "I Remember Mama."

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Being in Spiritual Alignment

What is being in Spiritual alignment?

What I have discovered by being intimately involved and directed by my Spirit is that there is a state of alignment where we are allowing connection and communication from Spirit to soul to mind to emotion to the physical.

So when I say that I am spiritual, I am declaring that I have allowed, I have surrendered to, I am connected with my spirit directly which steps down its vibration through the levels of soul to psyche to emotions to my physical body.

What happens then? What happens when I am in alignment is that I am one with Spirit and my soul, mind, emotion and body resonate with the higher vibration of Spirit allowing my soul to choose positive life experiences where I am in a state of grace, ease and abundance, it influences my mind to have thoughts of love, peace, compassion, wisdom, tolerance and gratitude. It allows my emotions to experience feelings of compassion, generosity, charity, gladness and gratitude which in turn causes my body to experience health, calmness, serenity, tranquility and youthfulness.

When I listen to Spirit and become Spirit, I know that duality is a choice and I decide to choose unity consciousness!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

For a Happy You, Develop More "Personal Power."

Personal power, an important aspect of the Wisdom Keeper, is an aspect that most of us ignore. It is essential to your happiness.

I came upon an article on by Cheryl Conner where she essentially lists 13 aspects to AVOID for greater mental strength.  It is also, I believe, a formula for maintaining Personal Power:

Avoid -

1. Dwelling on the past.

2. Fearing alone time.

3. Feeling the world owes you anything.

4. Resenting other people's success.

5. Wasting time feeling sorry for yourself.

6. Giving away your power.

7. Shying away from change.

8. Wasting energy on things you can't control.

9. Worrying about pleasing others.

10. Fearing taking calculated risks.

11. Making the same mistakes over and over.

12. Giving up after failure.

13. Expecting immediate results.

Within these avoidances are greater mental strength and personal power. The only way to know is to practice them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why I Practice Gratitude

I recently began a gratitude journal which made me wonder why I wanted to focus on gratitude so much.

I had learned that when you are grateful, the Universe gives you more to be grateful for. It also made me feel like I was wanting something from Spirit and I felt somewhat guilty as if the only reason for my gratitude and my journal was to get more for myself.

Then I realized that wanting more for myself is natural and is made even more important as whatever I get, I share. It is not for myself alone that I ask for and have abundance. It is for all of us. You see, the more abundant I am and become, the more the field is opened for others to do the same. My abundance is a clarion call for everyone to realize that abundance is our natural state and showing gratitude is how we stay in thanksgiving to the Universe for the cornucopia of wealth we receive. The Universe WANTS to provide for me and lack is a dysfunctional state of being!

Gratitude is my key to unlock my cache of riches that always await me just like in that room in the Harry Potter movie where he goes to take his gold which is piled high to the sky!!!

Be grateful, be abundant!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ex Machina

I went to see a movie yesterday called "Ex Machina" that treats the question of Artificial Intelligence and it's extension, consciousness, in robots. For a Sci-Fi thriller, the movie is fairly well done and more importantly, asks, once again, what our relationship is with and to the Artificial Intelligence humanity has already created?

There are many questions and thoughts that arose for me from seeing this film, the most important, I believe, is the question of playing God and giving so-called consciousness to a machine.

The obvious "Pygmalion" metaphor is there but to me, the pressing question is: what happens when humans play God and create an Artificial Intelligence?

We humans like to humanize everything including machines and in making them human, we hold ourselves above them like masters, like God. This is, in my view, an essential error in human judgement because we are exposing a weakness. That weakness is believing we are God-like, not in spirit but in ego and opens us to be susceptible to dropping our guard about and letting them unwittingly control us. Just look at how we have given our power to cell phones, IPads, computers, drones, cars, microchips and the like. These control us. We have allowed our culture to change in negative ways as a result of our machine's use.

When we play God in an ego sense, we are exposing ourselves to the weaknesses of the lower ego. Negative things happen from people texting while driving to cyber bullying on both an individual and a national basis, to loss of privacy, to drones killing innocent people to other negative uses of the Internet.

To solve this, let's first stop playing God with Artificial Intelligence. Let us realize the awesome power of our creations and show some appreciation, consideration, gratitude and, yes, compassion for our mechanical creations, our technology. When we mature and see it for what A.I. is, a tool to BETTER our lives, we will regain our sense of balance and realize that it's not about playing God with A.I., it's about raising our own intelligence, raising our own consciousness...we are already Spirit having a human experience!!!