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Your Purpose

It seems to me that there are many schools, classes and people offering to help others find their purpose, now more than ever. I believe that they mean well, for helping others find their purpose is a noble cause. At the same time, from the wisdom path perspective, each of us is already born with a purpose! The fact that you come into an incarnation, that you are born on this planet means you already have your major purpose for coming here. From my awareness, coming here is about a spiritual being having a human experience for the singular purpose of knowing itself to a greater degree. We are God in form intending to experience a material realm to do one thing: learn from our experiences and expand our awareness. Nothing more. That's our purpose! Anything else is just details. This does not concern the psyche, it concerns intention. What I mean is, your intention is already working your purpose and your psyche may not be conscious of it and therefore, you feel you haven't f

Pieces of Wisdom

A friend of mine came over to my house yesterday and presented his four pieces of wisdom to me. He said they are shape, smoothing out the rough edges, polish and shine. When I asked what each of them mean, he said their meaning is up to you because you are on your own personal Wisdom Path. Each sees their meaning differently. While in the early stages of sleep last night, the meaning of each of these words as they relate to my perception of what I see on my own personal Wisdom Path came to me: 1. Shape - I shape the reality of my path with the power of the intent of my Self. My path depends on my intent, therefore, I must clean my connecting link with intent. 2. Smoothing out the rough edges - As I expand my awareness on my path through my perception of my mystical experiences, I learn how to parent my ego and accept the consequences of my choices with divine non-chalance, grace, ease and pleasure. 3. Polish - As I continue down the path learning about my self through the Uni

There is no Force Punishing You

There is no so-called Higher force, authority, power or being that punishes you or that is going to steal your soul. You allow any punishing by your own willfulness and the consequences of your egocentricity. As was once said, "the Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting." Nothing negative can happen to you unless you agree to let it happen including your accidents, disease and death. Sorry to break it to you but you are responsible for ALL your actions. It is YOU that allows everything in your life to happen. Nothing happens TO you. Your experience is called BY you! You can go on living in a make-believe world where you perceive yourself as a victim of "outside forces" or you can come to your senses and see what's really there: that you are a creator with the power to create at will. You are just choosing not to see this if you continue to think that some higher power ac

Buddhist Wisdom

I connect and resonate with this Buddhist wisdom enough to re-post it on my blog. This was from 12 Pieces of Buddhist Wisdom: 1. Live with compassion 2. Connect with others and nurture those connections 3. Wake up 4. Live deeply 5. Change yourself, change the world 6. Embrace death 7. Your food is (very) special 8. Understand the nature of giving 9. Work to disarm the ego 10. Remove the three poisons:    Greed     Hatred     Delusion 11. Right livelihood 12. Realize non-attachment

Tune In

This Universe we exist in is what is known as a law of attraction Universe. It simply means that this is how things operate in our 3D matrix reality among other Universal laws. What does this mean for our lives? It means that what we focus on manifests. What we align our thinking, emotions, belief systems and vibrational level with is what we attract or what will be our experience. Everything is vibration, that is, all is a frequency level. The good news is that we have control of our vibratory levels and as such create our experience. For instance, you want love in your life? Give it, be it, vibrate it. You want peace in your life, be peace, give others a peaceful experience. In the spirit of creating your reality, here are seven common vibration killers to avoid: 1. Working too hard. 2. Lack of sleep. 3. Spending too much time around negative people. 4. Holding grudges. 5. Worrying. 6. Complaining and gossiping. 7. Saying "no" to fun times. You want to c

Journey of an Ultra-Sensitive Empath

I am an ultra-sensitive Empath. On my journey to understanding who and what I am, I could not understand until later in my life why I had strange thoughts and feelings when I was around other people, thoughts and feelings that did not feel like my own. I also picked Up on the vibrations of places, objects, sounds, smells and colors. I never spoke of this to anyone and was never given guidance by my parents, teachers, relatives and clergy. I was essentially on my own as a budding Empath. Can you imagine? Fortunately, I was aware enough to connect, later in life, with guides in all forms who explained that there was nothing psychologically wrong with me. I was simply an ultra-sensitive Empath who could perceive and feel the feelings, thoughts, persona, vibrations of everything including people! It helped me to see that my sensitivity was a strength, not a weakness. I also had to learn how to handle this powerful ability. I did and still do In the spirit of assisting other empaths, he

From Ingrate to Grateful

For many years of my life, I was not conscious of being grateful. Essentially, I was an ingrate. I never really thought about all the things in my life that were such blessings until my beloved Maureen, my wife, passed away suddenly. Her passing left me in shock and hit me so hard that I struggled with coming to terms with her loss. I turned inward and stepped onto my own personal Wisdom Path with renewed vigor and made a 360 degree turn in which I went from perceiving her death as a loss to realizing gratitude for having had my soul mate with me for so many years, having a beautiful son with her and all the many blessings she brought into my life. I went from ingrate to grateful in an almost three year process of grief learning how to shift from profound sadness to ultimate gladness having had a marriage to such an incredible being as Maureen. Now I have a gratitude journal in which I list three things I am grateful for every night before I go to sleep. What has happen as a re

Going Beyond Your Thinking Processes

The Wisdom Path is not a linear path, it is not rational, filled with analysis. It is a path of heart, a pathway to Spirit. We can more deeply connect to our hearts and this Wisdom Path of heart by remembering that we are conditioned by being taught thinking and reasoning processes by those who raised us during our growing up years. This conditioning by parents, teachers, bosses, clergy and others was not meant to harm us as they themselves were conditioned. Here are examples of what this conditioning caused with us: 1. We tend to over-generalize. 2. Our thinking tends to be black and white. 3. We often draw conclusions without evidence. 4. Most of the time, we assume the worst in a situation or we mentally blow things way out of proportion. 5. We take everything personally. 6. There is our major focus on our failures, mistakes and problems. To step onto your own personal Wisdom Path means that you see beyond this mental conditioning and you come to see that thoughts

Is Suffering Necessary?

A big question for the Wisdom Keeper is whether suffering is necessary on your own personal Wisdom Path! Must I suffer to expand spiritually? Must I suffer to gain higher awareness and higher consciousness? In my way of seeing and ultimately, being, suffering is not a requirement to enjoy expansion on one's personal Wisdom Path. We don't have to go kicking and screaming into a more aware state of being. We can travel there with divine non-chalance, ease, grace, pleasure and abundance. The Universe will help you but it won't agree with you and it is only you who chooses to align and attune to grace or suffering. When you are suffering, take a detached step back from it and see that there is usually an imagined reason for suffering rather than what is actually happening in the now experience. It does seem and feel real and remember, it is your creation, hard as it may be to realize it or accept that! My advice is to be aware of every aspect of your life in which you fee


Last evening, I attended a powerful talk by Lee Papa entitled "How to Live and Lead Mindfully." It reminded me of how important mindfulness is and why it's a vital part of stepping onto your own Personal wisdom path! What is mindfulness? To again quote Lee Papa, "mindfulness is the process of consciously changing your choice of thoughts and words."  She also states that mindfulness is "paying attention on the inside without judgement" and "directing your thoughts with intention without judgement." Now, why is it so important to be mindful? The reasons are many and here are a few: You lead a heart-centered life filled with compassion, you realize your purpose, you live in harmony with all that is, you relieve stress, you become consciously aware, you become present in the now moment and drop fears and worries, you become non-judgemental, you learn to lead yourself and others from within, you become your true authentic self, you learn w

Do You Want Joy in Your Life?

How do you create a life of joy? Is joy attainable in our world? Having experienced great joy in my life and discovering that it is real, I found that "through the power of the intent of your Self, you can activate your birthright of joy! Through your intent, you can raise your vibrations to ecstatic bliss. So much of what we have seen and been taught is about striving, struggling, forming and an action-oriented way of being." To be in joy (enjoy) is to simply "shift, by the use of your intent, to being where you already are and in a state of joy is the alignment, attunement process that will create a life of joy." You create a life of joy by engaging it since joy is always there. It's simply the use of implicit intent. Joy is a state of consciousness, a state of being that you can connect with at any time. Go to that state, emote that state and feel that state. Don't strive for it, just be it. When you feel joy, you are in joy (enjoy).

The Inner Path

I have discovered that my own personal Wisdom Path is an inner path. What does "inner path" really mean? For me, "inner" is simply a metaphoric description of of fact that I am with Spirit and not with Ego because, according to my Guardians of Light, "It is not the path that is important because, as we have been saying, you are already a master of light. It is a matter of becoming aware and realizing it. It is more of an inner shift and an inner awareness." This is about being a spiritually evolved being of light, trusting that Spirit and thus your inner wisdom path, always has a better plan than your Ego. Just let that higher wisdom direct your life, clear your mind and wait for guidance. Please know, I am not discounting the Ego. It is an important construct for navigating this matrix we're in, to keep your persona intact. I am advocating being aware of lower Ego's lower vibratory fields of fear, darkness, chaos, control and confusion. I am

Circuits of Consciousness

When Dr. Timothy Leary wrote his "The Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness," he was exploring and elucidating what Indian Cosmology discovered a while ago: humans are endowed with circuits, known also as chakras, that are spinning vortices of energy that are part of our nervous system and function as potential circuits, "gears" or mini-brains. They help us communicate within and between our physical and spiritual realms. The Circuits of Consciousness are as follows: The terrestrial circuits- 1. Root or Vital - Love, abundance, health 2. Politico-territorial or emotional 3. Intellectual or conceptual - belief systems / dogma 4. Socio-sexual or cultural Between circuits four and five is where we make the "Great Leap" to the supra-terrestrial circuits! 5. Somatic or energy 6. Psychic or multi-dimensional 7. Mystico-religious or universal 8. Creator or Cosmic or Quantum These circuits or chakras are connected to our nerve ganglia which

The Sacred Principle of Seven

The sacred principle of seven operates in our physical reality or what are called the seven gateways of the life force as, for example, the seven layer auric body system, the seven major glands in our bodies, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven musical notes, the seven planes of existence and the seven-chakra system. Since our physicality contains the wisdom of the seven-chakra system, we are ruled by seven Cosmic Principles of these seven chakras. This is our multi-dimensionality that naturally comes with this human operating system and is part of our perceiving mechanism. To assist us on our ever-expanding wisdom path, it is valuable to know the forces we work with: The Cosmic Principles of  the Seven Chakras are: 1. Gravity - groundedness 2. Polarity - male / female 3. Combustion - the will - fire 4. Equilibrium - balance - harmony 5. Resonance - attunement 6. Radiance - transmission 7. Unity - oneness These forces operate with you. Explore them, functio

You Are a Light Body!

Everything, including humans are of Light and Sound. We are literally levels of vibratory light and sound frequencies that are having multi-level dimensional experiences. These experiences include earth, creative, will, love, expression, psychic, mystical and quantum levels of awareness and beyond! Light, according to the Council of Light, is the application of frequency and Light is transmitted through our human presence. Light and Sound also are carriers of information of all that we humans are from our eons of experience on this earthly sphere to our lessons of soul growth and levels of consciousness in this format we call human. What does this all mean as we traverse our Wisdom Path? It means that part of this Wisdom Path is accepting the truth that all that is needed here in this plain of existence is your PRESENCE. You are HERE in format to express your SELF. That Self is providing information, a frequency level, a transmission of consciousness that has purpose, value and m

Let Go of "If Only..."

There really is no room for regret on the Wisdom Path. When you make a commitment to expand your awareness, you are also committing to letting go of regrets because they don't serve you.  Here are ten choices that ultimately lead to the "if only..." phrase of regret. Be aware of these choices: 1. Wearing a mask to impress others. 2. Letting someone else create your dreams for you. 3. Keeping negative company. 4. Being selfish and egotistical. 5. Avoiding change and growth. 6. Giving up when the going gets tough. 7. Trying to micromanage every little thing. 8. Settling for less than you deserve. 9. Endlessly waiting until tomorrow. 10. Being lazy and wishy-washy. When you avoid these behaviors, you elude regret. Think about it.

What is "immaturity" on the Wisdom Path?

I have discovered through my experiences with immaturity on my Wisdom Path what to look for when I allow that immaturity to distract my attention away from the Path. Here are five characteristics to remind yourself of the immaturity we all face at times: 1. We give up too easily. 2. We evince a lack of self-discipline. 3. We are often swayed by our emotions. 4. We become lazy to learn, self-righteous and don't practice "emptying our cup." 5. We tend to rely on opinion instead of fact. The Path is rigorous in that it is about facing truths and about facing the vagaries of our persona. When we face ourselves, we must remain vigilant to really see what's there and love ourselves for what we are. That takes maturity.

The Wisdom Path is not thinking, it's Being

On your own personal Wisdom Path, it's not about over-thinking everything. It's an experiential path where you are experiencing the mystical path of Spirit. Things happen with you, to you, through you. Don't over-think everything. Here's how: 1. Put things into a wider perspective. See the big picture. 2. Set short time-limits for decisions. 3. Become a person of action. 4. Realize that you cannot control everything. 5. Say "stop" in situations where you know you cannot think straight. 6. Do not get lost in vague fears. 7. Exercise. 8. Spend more of your time in the present moment. Don't stay depressed in the past or worried about the future. 9. Spend more of your time with people who do not over-think. Our rational power is  a great tool to solve problems and is not a weakness in that you don't have to let your thinking control and disempower you. Thinking has its place but not in rationalizing the non-linear aspect of Spirit and

Important Practices on the Road of Integrity

As I wend my way on my personal Wisdom Path, it has become clearer to me how important integrity is. This is based, for me, on many years of developing my integrity on my Spiritual path and I have found that this path of heart demands that I practice integrity and not just give it lip service or play a conceptual game with it! I found that I will lose my integrity when I am feeling or reacting to any of these things: Impatience, disappointment, desperation, aggression, hurt, loyalty and power. The following practices are ones that I adhere to and have found them great for maintaining my integrity: 1. Thinking before I act. 2. Never committing to anything where I lack passion. 3. Keeping my word. 4. I always treat others with respect. 5. I always tell the truth. 6. I always favor action. Perhaps you can add to this list! I have found these particular practices to be fundamental to staying on the road of integrity, a road, it seems to me, less traveled in this time an

How to Raise Your Vibrational Level

Humans are essentially energy formats of vibrational frequency levels of light and sound. This has been corroborated by science and more new information about this fact continues to be revealed. Since we humans are energy patterns creating form, is there a way for us to impact our vibrational level for our betterment and therefore, betterment of the World? Can we actually raise our vibrational levels for a better earthly and spiritual experience? The answer is yes! Here's how: 1. Meditate 2. Get out into nature. 3. Stop watching TV. 4. Play with your pets. 5. Watch children playing. 6. Exercise. 7. Forgive yourself and others. 8. Express gratitude. 9. Face your fears and see them as an opportunity. 10. Buy organic food and express gratitude before eating it. 11. Do things with people who make you laugh. 12. Ask your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels (and/or the Universe) for help and direction. These are a few ways (yes, there are more) you can raise y

Signs that You are Awakening

Being on your own personal Wisdom Path eventually brings you to greater awareness and what is called awakening. Here are some telling signs that key you in to your awakening process that I discovered at the beginning of this year in my readings. They have proven true for me and I share them with you: 1. Moving into work that supports more of the expression of who you are. 2. You create greater financial abundance. 3. Most of your dreams come true easily. 4. You drop issue-related hooks with your partners and release dependencies. 5. You re-unite with your twin flame and have a unity to Source as never before. 6. Nothing matters anymore in the sense that you have evolved out of the old way of being seduced by drama and emotions. 7. You have lost interest in the New Age arena. 8. You know that all your needs are met and will always be. 9. You no longer have the desire to fix anything or anyone. You understand allowing, acceptance, being, free will and intent. 10. Yo

Love Yourself, You'll be Happier!

I have experienced and have come to understand that loving myself has led to my being happy! But why do many NOT love themselves since it is the key to moving forward on the Wisdom Path and allowing ever expanding awareness and happiness? I came upon an article in the Buddhist magazine, Shambhala Sun entitled, "The Buddha's Love" in an overall piece on " How to be a Bodhisattva." I would like to share a small section in which the Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh asks, "why don't we love ourselves?" "We may have a habit within ourselves of looking for happiness elsewhere than in the here and now. We may lack the capacity to realize that happiness is possible in the here and now, that we already have enough conditions to be happy right now. To go home to the present moment, to take care of oneself, to get in touch with the wonders of life that are really available-that is already love. Love is to be kind to yourself, to be compassionate to y

10 of the Greatest Lessons from Albert Einstein

After you read these lessons from Albert Einstein, I think you'll agree that he was a Wisdom Keeper in addition to being a scientist who expounded on his theory of relativity! Here, Einstein shares 10 valuable lessons we can all include on OUR Wisdom Path: 1. Cultivate a curious mind. 2. The worth of perseverance is intangible. 3. Devote attention to one thing at a time. 4. Give weight to imagination. 5. Mistakes are inevitable. 6. The future is not ours to see. 7. Value is superior to success. 8. Changes triggers another result. 9. Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. 10. Understand the basics. These, to me, are useable nuggets of understanding that can be incorporated on anyone's path and can add great dimension to one's awareness. Try them on for size!

Embodying Your Higher Self

Before I give you the 22 steps that I discovered (this is not my own) to show me how to embody my Higher Self, I would like to share, from Dianne Collins' 'Quantum think' program, what she says about wisdom: "Answering the call of wisdom is essential to mastering a joyful life and accomplishing your goals." These 22 steps to "embodying" your Higher Self, I believe, are an important aspect of being on the Wisdom Path in that it is an EXPERIENCE of our Higher Self. These are both steps you can take AND what you must experience to embody your Higher Self: 1. Higher sensory perception. 2. Knowing your soul purpose. 3. Meeting your soul family. 4. Meeting your twin flame or soul mate. 5. Synchronicities and accelerated manifestation. 6. Taking responsibility for your happiness. 7. Embracing ALL emotions. 8. Holographic nature of reality. 9. Alchemical and healing powers. 10. Activating your DNA. 11. Unconditional self-love. 12. Int

Seven Differences between Spirituality and Religion

While on my Wisdom Path at the end of November 2014, I received this information that made some distinctions between Spirituality and Religion. Since I feel that it has merit in helping us to understand on a deeper level and bring more wisdom, I share these differences with you: 1. Religion makes you bow-spirituality sets you free. 2. Religion shows you fear-spirituality shows you how to be brave. 3. Religion tells you the truth-spirituality lets you discover it. 4. Religion separates from other religions-spirituality unites them. 5. Religion makes you dependent-spirituality makes you independent. 6. Religion applies punishment-spirituality applies karma. 7. Religion makes you follow other journey-spirituality lets you create your own. Whether you believe in these differences doesn't matter. I am not asking you to believe anything here. I posted this list for your edification and for YOU to decide how you see the differences between Religion and Spirituality. In m

Ways of Receiving the "Answer."

What I have discovered on my travails on my own personal Wisdom Path is that I am functional in my abilities to receive "answers" from Spirit, from God, from Creative Source Infinite Intelligence. If you are on this path, you can receive "answers" as well by being aware of the following ways in which Spirit communicates: 1. In the Dream state. 2. Through what is called "automatic writing." 3. Meditation. 4. A connection to Spirit. 5. Visual cues. 6. Direct knowing. 7. Hearing your answer. 8. Simply know. In some traditions the above are referred to as clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, mediumship and psychic powers. We all have these abilities. Do not be afraid to tap into these for your own expansion of awareness. They are not scary, evil, taboo, of the devil or wrong. They are God-given. Given to you in love and light to use as a tool of enlightenment. Go have a telepathic Easter!!! May you develop all your

Go and Be Courageous

Courage is the true vibration of this millennium! Just remember that "a breakthrough shivers just beyond the edge of your courage." To gain more courage, here are four recommended affirmations that you can add to your consciousness: 1. I am able and willing to speak my truth. 2. I am able to celebrate the beauty in my life. 3. I am able to give and receive love. 4. I am open to receiving happiness in my life. To continue on your Wisdom Path at every moment is an act of courage and if you are reading these words, you are there already! Do not shrink from courage, do not shrink from the path. It has, is and will always serve you well. Trust it and the ultimate of everything will come to you !

Be Inspired

On my Wisdom Path during this potent Holiday time, what has come to me is the value of the inspiration that I am. During this Holiday, I am asked to take back my power, that is "to use my God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in my life." I am asked to say to myself: "I am a being of light. I am love, I am joy, I am frequency, I am prosperity, I trust, I am in harmony and order. I am laughter, I am peace, I am calm and focused." This is great inspiration where I am willing to accept myself and others for what I and they really are: Divine beings come to Earth. At this time, I know that my prayers have been heard AND answered. I have faith, the intuitive experience of all truth. Victory!

That Which You Are Seeking Is Seeking You!

That which you are seeking is always THERE for you. It is you that must awaken to allow it into your sphere of influence. That which you are seeking is vibrating with you now and asks that you simply align to it without reservation. Put your ego in your backpack! Let Spirit rule! Do not keep what you are seeking at a distance with hesitancy, fear and doubt. It is yours already because you would not be aware of seeking it if you were not already in the consciousness of would not appear in your Universe. Trust this. If you are seeking love in your life, give love, be love. If you are seeking abundance, give abundance, be abundance. When you allow that which you are seeking to be in your life, you align with "the concept of being in ease and grace that allows that which you have become to be in the same location as you." You are designed for bliss! Be IN the energy of bliss and see that the seeker and the sought are one! This is what you gain on the Wisdom Path

Where is "Within" and "without"

In many of the spiritual blogs, "within" and "without" are often mentioned as places you go to as in when you're meditating, you are going "within" and when you are dealing with the concerns of daily tasks, you are "without." Where are these "within" and "without?" "Within" and "without" are English language words that try to approximate a place which is actually not a place at all but a state of being. When you are "within," you are connected to Spirit and IN the consciousness of Spirit, that is, you are not thinking like a human. "Without" is connecting to ego and what are termed external concerns as in the five-sense world that we believe is real but is just an illusion of solidity. "Within" signifies unity consciousness and "without" signifies the persona but the real trick of understanding this is to both go "within" and go "without" a