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Withdrawing Love

The biggest emotionally hurtful experiences I have had in life are when others have withdrawn their love, ignored and estranged me because of some perceived slight that I might have done! I must have needed to experience these terrible treatments for how I may have behaved in this life or another but I got the message! I can say that I am now aware of how menacing this is and I learned a most valuable lesson in life that withdrawing my love from another IS NOT the answer to creating good will with them! I have come to see that when someone hurts you, THEY are hurting in some way and their behavior is a cry for help, attention AND MORE LOVE , NOT LESS!!! Yes, there are those who come out of evil and selfishness and here again, I see this as coming out of fear. My experience in relating to those who believe you have slighted them or are coming out of fear of loss or rejection is to confront, in a good way, the perceived hurt. Let them know how you feel or ask them what th

Accept What Is!

Last year, I worked again with Sonia Choquette's "Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose, Oracle cards, the most direct path to spiritual peace and personal fulfillment" and pulled this particular card. In having found it invaluable in helping me with my reactive tendencies, I share it with you: "Accept What Is" "The more disciplined you are in your responses, the more you'll achieve. When you take charge of your negative emotional reactions, you'll begin to tap into your true Divine Power. Respond in a grounded, nonreactive manner to what life deals you and take nothing personally, good or bad. Instead, focus on what you want to create in all circumstances. Subdue all tempting negative emotional reactions and stay connected to your Higher Self and Divine Spirit for guidance." This is essential for anyone stepping onto their own Wisdom Path because your experience here is how YOU see it, react to it, respond to it! Check out Sonia Choquett

The formula to greater wisdom and even miracles!

I was given this last year and it came to me as "The 7 Step Miracle Formula." This is not my own, so while I take no credit for it and cannot ascribe it to anyone, I share it with you in love: 1. Clearing/release - release what may be standing in the way. 2. Aligning - who and how would the you that has already achieved your goals be? 3. Intention - what does your heart really desire? 4. Love - infuse yourself and your goals with love. 5. Manifesting activation - this is the acting on it part, the do. Really, it's the allowing. 6. Letting go - again, allow the manifestation to unfold. Here, you must trust! No holding on, being needy or in despair. 7. Receiving- be open to letting it come to you - YOU ARE WORTHY!!! Follow this formula and great miracles will occur in your life. After all, isn't your Wisdom Path the place where you learn to get out of your own way and let the natural way of abundance to flow to you?

Embrace Your Power

The very act of stepping onto your own personal Wisdom Path is about embracing your natural power. So go ahead and embrace it. To reiterate and clarify how one goes about embracing one's power, remember one important rule: take personal responsibility for yourself!!! When you embrace your power, you realize that YOU create your personal reality! Some other keys to tapping into your personal power: 1. Own your power and know that it is directed by your choices. 2. Know that poor choices lead to poor creations and vive versa. If you make a poor choice, deal with the consequences with grace. Same for good choices! 3. Ask yourself, "what is the desire I want to materialize." 4. Use your inherent power of concentration that will make it possible to VISUALIZE that desire. 5. Stay only in those emotions that simultaneously serve as a guidance system and as a fuel to increase the speed and effectiveness of the creative process. You are a creator. Own that creati

All this talk about "this Universe." What is it?

There is all this talk and mentioning of "the Universe" in both spiritual and scientific writings. What exactly is being talked about here? In my understanding, it's become a catchword for many things including the scientific aspect which encompasses our solar system, other solar systems, our galaxy and all the other galaxies that comprise what we understand as our Universe in the physical sense! In the spiritual sense, it has multiple meanings including God, Spirit, the Cosmos and consciousness! I believe it also includes our own Universe as in our own consciousness. We are a part of the Universe and therefor, we are it. When the Universe speaks to us, it is us speaking to us. Here is some important information I received about the Universe that I hope will give you more clarity as you wend your way on your Wisdom Path: "The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that YOU are emitting."

We Can be Fulfilled both Spiritually AND Materially

Big mind buster on the Wisdom Path: Being spiritual IS NOT THE NEGATION OF THE MATERIAL!!! When you are deeply spiritual you can still have all that the material realm has to offer! Some important wisdom to consider as you navigate your inner wisdom path both spiritually and materially: "...vibrate in the love of the Self, honor the Self and understand that the journey here is about self-discovery in relationship to others." That which is like itself attracts more of it. In a way, you become, on a vibrational level, that which you are seeking. Everything is in Union with everything else. If there is radiant health outside of you, without, then there is radiant health within. If there is soul fulfillment inside of you, there is soul fulfillment outside of you. Spiritual and material are one: as above, so below. Don't confuse lower and below as inferior and higher and above as better or superior. Remember: there is wisdom in BOTH. Father Sky AND Mother Earth!!!

You Are THE Creator

You are THE creator having a physical experience for the purpose of knowing your Self on ever deeper levels!!! Now, I know you might feel intimidated by that and again, understand you're not the ENTIRE Creator. You are a piece of the Creator but THE Creator nonetheless! The fact that you are here is enough! There is something very important about this BEING HERE and the power you have as a creator that I want to share with you. I received this from The Council of Light and what they said is,"You are a Creator translating your expectations into physical form. The world is meant to serve as a reference point. The exterior appearance is a replica of interior desire. You can change your personal world. You do it without knowing it. You have only to use your ability consciously, to examine the nature of your thoughts and your feelings and project those with which you basically agree." Be the CREATOR that you are and create the world you desire in love, compassion and wis

Discovering Your Own Personal Wisdom Path

When you discover your own personal Wisdom Path, you'll see that it is a never-ending path as in, there is no destination. You are not "going" anywhere. "Path" is simply a metaphor for traveling to higher levels of awareness. Think of the Wisdom Path as a way of expanding your awareness. This path is for the courageous enough to face their lessons, initiations and rings pass not with an open mind and open heart. To agree to be in touch with Spirit in a way of grace is one of the great teachings of the Wisdom Path. Be in a state of grace. One day on the path, you will realize that you have reached a level of grace by addressing the healing of your lower self and crossing the bridge of heart through the power of unconditional love. You will realize that you have accessed the three spiritual chakras of higher self: the throat, third eye and crown chakras and then you will realize that this is a re-discovery of your Wisdom Path for it was in you all along! I l

New Awareness on Your Wisdom Path

The nature of the Wisdom Path is experiencing, learning and evolving and in this now moment, we are being called to expand our awareness to perceive the new reality that's already upon us. This path, this life is just a mirror of what you project. As such, to be able to "see" what's really happening or the new reality we are already in, you must look at and understand these twelve keys that were shared with me and that I share with you: 1. Infinite Being is all that is. Nothing exists outside of it. 2. We are Infinite Being. 3. Purpose in life. 4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential. 5. Reincarnation. 6. Life after 'death.' 7. Life reflects what you project. 8. Abundance is natural. 9. Love is the only reality. 10. Self-responsibility. 11. Truth is everywhere. 12. Inner connection and insight. The above are the keys to taking you to the new reality awareness. The door is right in front of you. Reach out and simply t

How to Talk to the Universe

There is much talk and writing about how to use one'e intent to create the reality one seeks. To use the words of the sorcerer, Don Juan Matus, "intending is the secret. There is no technique for intending. One intends through usuage." I have found it useful to interact with the Universe through intent not by asking it a question like why not but by always using a statement of thanks as in, "thank you that I have already received the money I need for my trip!" I let the Universe know of my intent and thank it in confidence that it's already happened. After all, each of us IS the Universe. When we use the power of our intent, we are sending out a vibration of intent that echoes back to us and eventually manifests in our 3D matrix. Practice this in confident humility. I call this cleaning your connecting link to intent (borrowed from Don Juan Matus). You must have absolute clarity when using your intent and communicating with the Universe. You conscious an

Soul Lessons on the Wisdom Path

At the end of December, 2013, I received this Soul lesson: "You're being appointed to serve as a role model for the new millennium by demonstrating that suffering and self-denial are not morally superior choices." Just as an aside, when you are on the Wisdom Path, Soul lessons come in many forms from the whisperings of Spirit ( always positive and will NEVER ask you to do harm of any kind) to songs on the radio to experiences with loved ones. To me, this Soul lesson from 2013 was about the realization that suffering and self-denial are choices we make, conscious or otherwise. We don't have to suffer! We CAN choose peace, happiness, grace, ease, pleasure and abundance. Suffering and self-denial are about thinking with your ego, about living in duality. Duality says you must suffer to appreciate having peace. I put forth that the Soul lesson contends that we get out of duality by realizing it's just a belief system. We don't have to take the lower vibration of

Becoming Fully Resourced

Allow yourself to become fully resourced! When you love yourself enough to fully open to Spirit, that's when everything and anything is possible! As it says in the One Spirit Book of Days, "cultivate Spirit. Without a sacred well to draw from, life can be pretty arid. Connecting with a spiritual source eases us through testing times and when life is good, makes it even richer. It doesn't matter where you dig your well; just be sure the water is clear." Again from The One Spirit Book of Days, "set your intention: 'I'm opening my heart to Spirit and cultivating sacred awareness. I'm supported by a power that's infinitely greater than myself.'" It's also important to cultivate values like generosity, gratitude and compassion as a road to happiness. These values are like spiritual medicine on the Wisdom Path and as you send them out through the cosmic web, you open up unlimited supply consciousness to yourself. When you allow a f

Be a Proactive Spirit on the Wisdom Path

It is time, my fellow Wisdom Keepers, to become the proactive spirit that you really are. Now, more than ever, it is appropriate for you to start observing the details of your present pathway! As such, it is  time to own your grandeur, not your grandiosity. As I posted yesterday, what you experience is your own state of consciousness projected, At this important juncture, the Universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life. It is time that "arguments, grudges, lack of self-worth or self-love, competition, jealousy, violence in any form, attack thoughts, selfishness, fear, judgements, gossip, self-centeredness, and so on are made to be what they are: way beneath such a noble being as yourself." It is time for you to become sovereign and no longer attached to the vibrations of the 3D matrix listed above. The Wisdom Path is a path back to your proactive spirit. Follow it there! Now is the time!

In Resonance on the Wisdom Path

As you go deeper into the consciousness of your own inner Wisdom Path, you will discover that "you are the epi-center of Universal consciousness." As such, you are a being of resonance. That is, you are "responding to vibrations of a particular frequency especially by itself strongly vibrating." We are talking here about the Cosmic Law of Resonance which states that like attracts like. As Jasmuheen reflects in her book, "In Resonance," 'our bodies are energy systems, and we oscillate at our own unique vibrational frequency that reflects the sum total of everything we have experienced through eons of time.' We choose to resonate at "higher or lower frequencies. We can be on key or off key. Toxicity from negative thoughts, unresolved negative emotions, pollutants, dross, poor diets, etc. effects the energy fields of the body." If you wish to choose a path that brings you what you desire in life, begin to "emit finer frequencies a

There is no one in your experience but you.

One of the major discoveries / realizations that I had on my Wisdom Path was that I was the only one having the experience! There was no one else there. It seemed like "others" were there but I discovered that it was only me having the experience. All I was perceiving were my own perceptions, all that happened to me, whether it was suffering or happiness was not about what my five senses told me. My five senses were not true. There is nothing external. All is an internal realm and that is where I was having my experiences. That's why everyone sees the same thing differently. My wife could be the most lovely woman but my brother-in-law could find her distasteful. That's not about her. It doesn't matter what she does good or bad. That's HIS experience based on his belief of what his psyche is telling him. It's all an inside job. This path that we are on, this so-called Wisdom Path and your experiences there says everything about YOU. However you interpre

Separation Consciousness

An important aspect of stepping onto your own personal wisdom path is coming to a place where you can see through the false construct of separation consciousness. We are all connected through the one logos of this planet; connected through the cosmic web or collective consciousness. We are all one.  As it was once said, "separation is an impulse that is not based on insight." As you go deeper into your personal wisdom path, you will see that there is only one Self here. We humans are simply individualized personas of the of souls projected by a monad. Each monad or over-soul projects twelve souls and each of those twelve souls projects twelve personas. Inherent in each soul fragment is our God-Self. At the same time that you are on an individualized path, you share an over all path with everyone else who is here: the path to spiritual self-realization. No one is exempt from this but you do have your own free will as to how to get to your enlightenment. Send love, compas

Spiritual Pride on the Wisdom Path

One of the states of being I am careful to navigate on the Wisdom Path is the state of spiritual pride. Why I am conscious of this and sharing it with you is that spiritual pride is an ego-based construct that says that because we are expanding our awareness, we are better than others! We get all puffed up about our progress on the path and want all to notice. Remember that this is a quiet path, an inner path. Falling for spiritual pride is becoming enmeshed in what I like to call "maya" or "glamor" or a holier-than-thou attitude that really keeps you from progressing on the Wisdom Path. Thinking that you're better is an illusion of the ego! There is no hierarchical status on the Wisdom Path. We each have our own inner teacher, inner guru and Higher Self. Thinking that you or someone else is better or higher spiritually is a form of idolatry where you give up your power to something or someone else. There is no judgement based on where you are in your soul

What is a "Soul Mate?"

Having had a Soul Mate relationship in my life AND discovering that it's not what most people think until they experience one, I would like to share my Soul Mate experience. The biggest shock that I got was learning that my Soul Mate, my wife, Maureen and I had agreed to come together in this life time even before we came in!  What's more is that we have done this in many guises, not just as lovers and husband and wife. Maureen has been many people to me in our many lives and we have a preference for being lovers where we have switched our male and female roles in different life times. The biggest kicker that I discovered is that we are of the SAME soul!!! The Soul Mate Experience Here is a partial list of what I experience(d) with my Soul Mate, Maureen: 1. We both felt that it's something inside as in a deep and instant connection. 2. We both just got each other. 3. We had flashbacks of previous lives together. 4. We both fell in love with each other's fla

What is the "Wisdom Path" really?

When we say, "step onto your own Wisdom Path, what are we really talking about here? As I see it, from my experience on the path, I see it as a path to creating ourselves. That is, we are creating our reality by our thoughts. Our reality is really an energy construct in which energy follows thought. We are shapers who can manipulate energy like clay.  I mean manipulate in a positive way. What I find that we must remember is that the true magic of the Wisdom Path lies in effortlessly intending that our reality come about! Perhaps we can call this tapping into "Divine nonchalance" where we are our exalted selves who are already triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement and the highest in attainment. Remember that being a Wisdom Keeper is really being an agent of Spirit and as such, it is an endless challenge. That's what the Wisdom Path is: a wonderful, endless challenge that asks us to expand our awareness! It is never ending. This is what I believe, this is w

"Uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire."

What I discovered on my own personal wisdom path are the responsibilities of being a wisdom keeper. As such, it is incumbent upon me to move along this way of expanding of my awareness by constantly asking my self: "am I uplifting myself and those around me, am I motivating myself and others, do I comfort myself and others, am I a healer and do I inspire?" These, I believe, are the qualities that must be put forth by one who is on the wisdom path. You too can achieve these qualities with practice if you are not already doing them. These are not easy qualities to constantly manifest as we wind our way on wisdom path. We can only keep our minds attuned to being all of these and stay vigilant when we fall from grace as we do at times. The only thing we can do is just get back on the wisdom path and continue to be the qualities listed above. When you are on the wisdom path, you are these qualities whether you are conscious of it or not. You are a counselor. Just remember, y

Your Own Personal Wisdom Path is a State of Being

In stepping onto your own personal Wisdom Path, you are really stepping into a state of being! To be what I like to call a Wisdom Keeper, you have to apply wisdom to everything you do, think, feel and say. Essentially, you ARE wisdom. How do you do this, how are you wisdom? In my experience, you apply wisdom to your actions. You use discernment in all things. For example, you add a touch of wisdom to your love. When you do that, you realize that love is a force and that force holds no grievances. You never have to withhold your love because in that force, everything and anything is possible. You are at peace with yourself. This Wisdom Path is a realm that is's within you and is reflected in your reality. When you move through life with discernment, there will still be ups and downs. Being wisdom allows you to see through the veil of duality. It's all just a mirage anyway but a fun mirage that you can shape with your intent! Follow your inner wisdom, your inner tea