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Mastering What We Allow

I am working on my mindfulness with a daily journal and today one of the questions the journal asked was, "What did you notice during your mindfulness practice?"  Since I have been putting my attention on my mindfulness for about three weeks now, I am seeing great results and progress in what it really means to be mindful and how to work on it every day. What I answered to the above question was that "I am already mindful by nature and that where issues arise in being mindless or unconscious is my mind's proclivity to allow sensory stimuli to district me." I suddenly realized that mindfulness is about mastering my allowance, that it, what I allow my mind to do with all the stimuli that comes in. What do I mean? When I say that I am already mindful and that the issue with being mindless is allowing my mind to district me with all the incoming stimuli is that I have the power to master my mind and NOT ALLOW IT TO BE THE ARBITER OF MY BEING MINDFUL OR NOT. I am the

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