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Death Is An Ally Not The "Grim Reaper"

My wisdom path has provided me with great revelations and I believe one of the most profound revelations I received was the guidance that death is an ally not the "Grim Reaper." What does this really mean and what are its implications? What I have been guided by Spirit to understand what it really means that death is an ally and not the "Grim Reaper," is that death is really not a mind concept or construct but a way of teaching humans how to live better, more deeply. Death, if we let it, teaches us how to really see life with the perspective of really living it, really loving it and really using it to its fullest capacity. Physical mortality teaches us to really savor life, to appreciate every second of life and be in the present moment. It teaches that life is not for suffering but for joy. Death is humanities' greatest friend, greatest ally, greatest teacher but it is not an entity or ghost or angel. Death is a belief. It teaches us that our physical death is

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