The True Nature Of Loving-Detachment

I remember when I was studying with the Jain monk, Munishri Chitrabanu at his meditation center in New York in 1975 because he talked about a concept and way of living that I did not fully understand then: Loving-detachment. It took me a while to fully grasp all the implications of this powerful state of being. I have come to not only understand it better but also how to practice it in my life. What is Loving-detachment and why is it a critical perception and practice for you? One of the best descriptions of Loving-detachment I have encountered of late comes from Alberto Villoldo’s “Mystical Shaman Oracle” Card Deck in which he defines Loving-detachment as the essence of being “the witness observing without engaging in any action where we are able to access any situation from a higher perspective and make better decisions. When we can be present for someone else’s difficulties with stillness, then we are able to truly hear them and give better advice. Sometimes we can be so still that

The True Cause Of Stress

Stress is the most debilitating actor upon the human being. I have been guided to perceive that humanity is misguided about the cause of stress. What is the real cause of stress? I have seen and found the real cause of human stress, what I will call an underlying cause of stress, is in not living your true purpose, self-expression and soul-guided happiness. This stress in our lives finds its cause in allowing ourselves to be run by others- - a job, parents, a partner, making a person feel “off.” The stress of being and feeling “off” due to the stress of allowing our conditioning, society, the government, religion, finances and politics to run us is palpable as I have and still experience this stress at times but at a much, much reduced level. How did I get out of this stress? How I got out of this stress was by realizing early in my life that I had the inner drive to be myself and do what it took, at all costs, to walk my own unique path regardless of familial and social recriminations

The True Enemy Of Humanity

I am perceiving the true enemy of humanity to be human cognitive traps and along with them, conspiracy theories. Why do I perceive this and what are cognitive traps and conspiracy theories? Why I perceive the true enemy of humanity to be human cognitive traps and along with them conspiracy theories is because I have experienced that thoughts are NOT who I am, that is, I am not my thoughts, they don’t own me and I don’t own them. While I practice, as much as is possible, critical thinking, I realize my mind, when I have no mind control, is vulnerable to all level of thought forms, good, bad or indifferent. What is a cognitive trap? We have seen and are now seeing on Earth some of the savagery perpetrated by humans who don’t have mind control and are holding fast to deluded and illusionary thoughts and behaviors based on these thoughts. How many examples of this in the world will you find? Look to yourself. Falling into a cognitive trap or a thinking trap, as it is also known, is when we

What Are The Soul Path And The Soul Practice?

I have come to perceive, understand and accept, through years of direct experience, that Earth is a place for my Soul Path AND my Soul Practice. What am I talking about and why is this an important perception for you? What I am talking about is that I have perceived that my Soul is on this sphere called Earth walking a metaphorical path that is made of its own perception to help expand its awareness of what is. My soul walks a path called the Beauty Way in perceiving and believing that all the experiences I encounter, good, bad or indifferent are there to expand my understanding of self/Self. My soul practice is to bring my expanded awareness of the Beauty Way to my life as a persona/psyche/ego that I may not only see the beauty in myself and others but to bring it about in my activities in my living.  Why this understanding, being and practice of one’s Soul Path is so critical is because when you perceive this life-on-Earth experience of Soul Path as the Beauty Way, your Soul practice

Be Mindful Of Your Delusions

I am seeing in the human collective, including in myself, that we humans have a penchant for deluding ourselves and living with and in delusions. What is a delusion and why is it important to be aware of our own delusions and delusions of others? A delusion is a human misguided way of thinking or mental disorder that something is our reality when it actually is not. This is where a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. When we are delusional, we believe that the so-called fictional reality we made up or was foisted upon us is the real one while ignoring what’s very apparent. There are many different types of delusions including erotomanic, grandiose, jealous, persecutory, somatic and mixed. Let’s take the example of an erotomaniacal delusion. In this type of delusional disorder, the person believes that another person, often someone important or famous, is in love with him or her.  Why it’s important to be aware of our delusions and the delusions of others is because d

I’m Not Who I Thought I Was

 I am not who I thought I was. Who did I think I was and who did I find out I am? Beginning in early childhood, I had many so-called mystical experiences from seeing auras to out of body experiences. Since I lived with parents and a society that was unaware of these types of things, I kept them to myself until my early adulthood when I began to explore the mystical realms. Until that time, I thought I was ONLY my persona, my personality, mu psyche and my ego. I did not realize there was much, much more to my BEINGNESS than what I was conditioned to believe. So, what happened to show me who I really am? It was a gradual process that started in my early twenties when I began to explore other religions, mystical branches of religions, mystical spiritual paths, yoga, meditation, eating a macrobiotic diet and reading many spiritual books from the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the many books on Kabbalah. Through all of this activity and practice, I was unwittingly expanding my awareness and ra

Seeing A Reality Through The Perception Of Your Soul

If your perceptions are leaving out the perceptions of your soul right now, what is the perception of a reality through your soul and not through your mind, body or emotions and why does this even matter? We humans, I have found from my human experience on a wisdom path of Divine Guidance, perceive a reality through how our minds, bodies and emotions perceive reality. These aspects of ourselves and others are imperfect perceptions and pick up only a very minute glimpse of what I call the truer nature of existence which is the perception and state of being of unconditional Love which is the perception of soul. Being in a human body is more than thoughts, feelings and eating, I have found and contains the energies of Divine Guidance as the energy of our soul. When we connect with our soul we began perceiving unlimited potential rather than the very limited perceptions of body, mind and emotions.  Please understand that perceiving through one’s mind, emotions and body are part of being hu