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I know You Think Your Body Is Real

Most people think their body is real, that it's solid and that it's "them." From my travels on the wisdom path, I have seen the truth of what I am and it is not my body. WHILE THE BODY IS FELT AS REAL, IT'S ILLUSORY. NOT FALSE. ILLUSORY. However, for my participation in the physical reality I am in on Earth, my body is well suited as the Avatar it is. I simply have come to realize that the real me is not my body. What or who is the real me? I found out that the real me is invisible, I can't see it with my physical eyes, this so-called, real me. What is or who is the real me? As hard as it may be to accept for us humans, who are in a body, we are not really that body. We are just melding with and projecting that body as in a hologram. Who and what we really are is a soul. So, what is a soul? Many don't believe they have a soul or don't understand what it is because religion and society does not help us understand what it is and contradicts the truth of

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