What A Seer Experiences

I continue to attempt explaining what my experience of being a seer is. In truth, it is more about my way of coming to understand what I see beyond the veil to the other side of reality, that is, the non-ordinary reality that exists right beside our physical reality. I also think it is instructive to those who are non-believers that a Spirit world exists and I am here to relate that there IS a world beyond the physical that can be seen by people and I am one of those people...a see-er or seer. So, what does a seer experience? What I have found from my life experience is that a seer is a highly intuitive, highly sensitive and highly psychic person who can not only apprehend what is known by them as the "Spirit World" through visions, imagination and intuition but also by seeing that world with physical eyes. I, as a seer, can see the non-ordinary world that lies beyond the physical and I am here to tell you that I am not delusional, filled with illusions, demented, crazy, schi

Your Human BEING Is More Important To Me Than Your Human DOING

When I encounter a human, I perceive their Human BEING and I am not so concerned with their Human DOING. What do I mean by this and why is this an important perception for us moving forward? Why I assert that I am more interested in your Human BEING and not so impressed with your Human DOING, is because I can feel, perceive your BEINGNESS is more impressive and important to me because that is who you truly are and you are not your job, occupation or career even though you identify yourself as "I am a doctor," etc.  Expanding on this perception, I am saying that I perceive the awareness of your soul, your character, your mind, body and emotional mastery, your kindness, compassion, generosity of Spirit and your open-mindedness. While I am also impressed by Human accomplishment and achievement, I identify more with a Human's soul achievements. What are soul achievements? To me, soul achievements are how much you have learned from your experiences and have you become wiser, s

A Human, A Tree, An Animal, A Microbe Or An Element Are Not Objects...What Are They?

The wisdom path that I travail has shown me that I as well as collective humankind perceive our reality based on the scope of our awareness, meaning how deeply we perceive our reality is based on how expanded our awareness is and therefore, our awareness level. So, when it comes to perceiving another human, a tree, an animal, a microbe or an element, we can perceive these as objects or something much more. What am I talking about here and why does it matter to you and me? What I am talking about is the level of awareness that is prevalent on Earth that sees the things around us as just that, things, objects that have nothing more to them than a collection of parts. For example, we can dissect a human, an animal, make a chair out of a tree, study microbes under a microscope and see elements like water as having no sentience, meaning they're just objects, nothing more.  The wisdom path contradicts this level of low, mundane awareness that says things are just objects and have nothing

What Do You Do To Insure Your Reaching Your Potentials?

I see that all humans have potential, that is, they can always be greater, better. They can achieve greater levels of their talent, skills, abilities, intelligence, etc. I also see that, in general, many humans either don't know how, won't or can't do what is needed for themselves to reach greater potentials. I will not address the won't or can't and I will address the don't know how. How does a human insure reaching their greater potentials? Since I have reached greater potentials in my life, I can speak to what I have found is the way to insure your reaching higher levels of your potentials. There are two words that describe how you can reach greater levels of your potentials: take action. Take action? It's that simple? No it's not that simple. Many humans don't want to take action because taking action is making a change. Change is difficult but necessary. Why is making a change necessary for reaching your potentials? When you make a change in you

It's Not That I Don't Believe in God. It's That I Don't Believe in the Connotation of Society's God.

 I believe in God just not in Society's definition of God. From my experience on the Wisdom Path,  God is NOT an old, wizened man with a long white beard and white robe sitting on a throne in some  place called heaven in the sky above our heads somewhere. It is not the God described in the Bible. It is  not the God of the Vatican or of Moses. From my experience, those concepts of God are not God. What  is God to me then?  The Wisdom Path showed me that God is a Sacred energy of Diving Grace and Divine Guidance  that is embodied in everything including humans. The energy of this God has consciousness,  intelligence, creativity and abundance defining what it is. It can be both physical and non-physical. It  has no human emotions. It has no human thoughts, no ego. It is LOVE. It is the vibrational level of  unconditional LOVE that can manifest as anything and everything. How a human perceives God is  based on the human's awareness and societal conditioning. Very often, it is not a

Do Not Look or Point Up When Talking of God. Point to Your Heart. God is YOU, Within.

I encountered God, Spirit, Soul on the Wisdom Path and discovered that God is not "out there" in a space, place or dimension called "Heaven." God is INSIDE everything including humans in a meld of Spirit and physical. You, Human, are BOTH a Spirit and physical "meld" with God residing inside you. Speak to God there, within. Stop pointing up when talking of God. God is not there. Point to your heart, for that is where God resides. Why does this matter? It matters that your frame of reference of what is perceived as God, Spirit, Soul is realized within you rather than some place outside you that you call Heaven because seeing God over there, outside yourself is not real. There is no God in Heaven. God is within you, talk to God there. This took a big leap of faith in my conditioning as I believed, wrongly, that God was a being in a place far way somewhere. The Wisdom Path showed me otherwise. What did I find? I found that God resides in everything from a a m

In Respect to Spirit, There is no place known as "there," Everything is "HERE"

I have traveled down the metaphysical rabbit whole to meet Spirit. As I am now guided by Spirt, I listen, I experience and then, I know. I have knowingness. The most recent knowingness from Spirit that took me a while to come to grips with is that there is no "other side," no "afterlife," no place where we "go" before or after death. What was I made aware of by Spirit regarding where we go after death of the physical body? What I was guided to understand and know by Spirit about where we go after death is that we go nowhere. Why is that? We go nowhere because there is no other place than here but there is a caveat given by Spirit about this. While there is no place "over there" that we do not go to after death, we DO reside in a different dimension because our Spirit Self has no physical body and therefore does not have the same dimensional parameters in that our Spirit/soul vibrates at a frequency that is a higher vibratory state that has us in