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The Major Religions Say Wait Until The Afterlife To Find Happiness. I Say No!

From what I understand, the major religions talk about Heaven and if you are good while you are alive, you will go to Heaven. If you are bad while you're alive, you'll go to Hell. I say no to this! Why do I say no to this understanding of the rewards of Heaven that religions put forth? The reason I say no to the concept of a Heaven that the major religions put forth is because I have been and still am Divinely guided on my now inner wisdom path and have been guided to understand that I am already in Heaven...Heaven on Earth. I am already in Hell...Hell on Earth. Earth is the place for redemption and forgiveness, I have discovered, on my wisdom path, not Heaven or Hell. I am having a spiritual experience right now as I live on the Earth plane, a garden of Eden. I am living a heavenly life now as I live in abundance, Love, peace, kindness, compassion, empathy, tolerance and joy that I saw around me and decided to get into Heaven. If you doubt what I am saying, then you don't

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