Monday, January 18, 2021

Collective Transition State Of Consciousness

 From my experience of observing our current individual and collective trauma right now, I am sharing with you to be aware that we are in a collective transition state of consciousness created by chaotic nodes engendered by the global pandemic, crashing economies, mass death, volcanos, hurricanes, fires, climate change, political chicanery and upheaval. What this causes is our habitual perceptual markers to be in a pace where they can no longer apprehend our familiar reality. We are in a null point where what was and what will be are gone. How do we navigate this transition state of consciousness and come out alive, well and whole?

What I have found to be the best way forward out of a null point is to be patient, calm, positive and creative. It is imperative to face the disturbing feelings we are feeling being in this null point, accept what is, determine your own thoughts and beliefs and stay vigilant to the positive signs and positive activities that will guide you out of this null point. 

Here is an example of a positive activity that I did that helped to ease the panic of being in this null point. I created a family ZOOM meeting where each of the 12 participants told one funny and one sad story about a parent or sibling. We all laughed and cried and not only had a catharsis but also a deeper family connection that made us realize that we are all in this null point together. It provided us with an opportunity to appreciate and be grateful for the people in our lives and what they taught us and meant to us.

My family members loved  the hour and forty-five minutes we spent together and I got several calls and texts about how much they enjoyed the stories. 

This was a way to break the fever of the null point and ground ourselves in the here and now and be thankful for what we have. In this way, we can feel comforted in dealing with this null point, not feeling so alone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Humanity’s Spiritual Ache

 A question that I recently asked my Higher Self was, “What is humanity’s as well as my greatest spiritual ache as I have experienced?” The answer came quickly and clearly: Lack of appreciation!

What does this mean and how can we change it? I have found that many people say they appreciate this and that but I don’t believe they do since I find that they (myself included) take things, people, circumstances and opportunities for granted. To me, this lack of appreciation where everything is taken for granted is humanity’s greatest Spiritual Ache as it leaves most of us remorseful and filled with regret when that thing or person is no longer here. What is the basis for this lack of appreciation and taking things for granted? 

It seems to me from my experience with myself and others that humanity’s Spiritual Ache of regret from lack of appreciation comes from the misguided notion that things and people will live forever and we can treat them however we want since they’ll always be around. Physical things including people have an end date, I’m afraid.

I have discovered that accepting this reality of an end date to everything in the here and now opens my awareness to the sacredness of the thing or person in my life and by treating them as sacred in an everyday way of being grateful for them, I have a deeper experience that is more satisfying and does not allow me to take them for granted. I see them as precious things, as important things, beings. 

This attitude, I find, eliminates my Spiritual Ache as I live with no grievances and I live in the now in a mindfulness that makes me rich inside. Rich in the space I create that is me.

Friday, January 8, 2021

2021. A Year Of Change And Revelation

I found the chaotic node of 2020 to challenge my mastery over my self. I had to renew and refresh my knowledge of my ability to have emotional, mental, physical, soulful and spiritual control over my self. I am intuiting that this chaotic node will continue for a while and it’s themes seem to be great change and revelation. Why am I telling you this?

I share my findings with you to help prepare you for the changes and reveals that will take you way out of your comfort zone and I mean even more than you are now and to prepare you to shift your perspective in order to see and better handle these coming changes and revelations for they are opportunities for greater fulfillment and not as fear vortexes to slide into. 

How can you see great change and greater truth being revealed as opportunities? I have always found great change and hearing truths I didn’t want to hear as uncomfortable, difficult, stressful and bothersome. At this juncture of my mastery, I realize that great change and uncomfortable truths are opportunities to mature and grow as I also use discernment to discover how I can best navigate in, around and through new realities and paradigms that I am not used to and that I know are truly valid after insightful living in them. 

The themes of change and revelation are extremely important themes for 2021 and I suggest you take them to heart and open yourself up to new possibilities. If you don’t, you’ll be left behind in a paradigm of resentment, frustration and recrimination. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

What is Your Experience When You’re A Cosmic Being With A High Level Of Awareness?

 It is the new year and as a Blue Ray Being, I am being called by Spirit to speak. My sharing today, my speaking in written form, is of the experience in body that I have as a Cosmic Being with a high level of awareness. What does this mean and why is it important for 2021?

What it means to be a Cosmic Being with a high level of awareness is that I can see deeper into many realities. To clarify, I am clairvoyant to the degree that my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual senses are much more heightened, sensitized and acute than the human who chooses to have a narrow and limited scope in their awareness. I see into everything way beyond the confined three-dimensional physical reality  most people experience. My abilities include seeing disembodied beings of all kinds, hyper-empathy, prophetic dreams, second sight, Major manifestation abilities and much more. I live on a level of knowing things before they happen. My intuition is sharp. I am a Light and Sound Healer. Why this is important for 2021 is because this is the year of big change and revelation. 

Many important truths will be revealed including the truth of COVID-19’s origins, etc. it will be important for all humanity to expand its awareness to make the necessary changes to where we are going as a human collective on Earth. I can tell you unequivocally that it is not a conservative agenda, it is not about a regressive movement. It is not about an agenda that keeps people down. The great upheaval we will see in 2021 will be about changes for humanity for the better. 

So, get ready. Start expanding your awareness to be able to change with the times that YOU may experience the coming expansion of peace, Love, abundance, tolerance, compassion and kindness that will prevail on Earth.