Thursday, November 21, 2019

How I See The Goodness In Others

I am able to see the goodness in others even in the face of so-called bad or negative behavior. This ability to see the goodness in others no matter how deep it is buried in them is a gift I’ve had since birth. How does this gift work?

From my experience with being able to see the goodness in others, it is an awareness I have that allows me to connect with and therefore feel, their souls and bypass their persona/psyche/egos. What has happened for me is that despite how someone looks or acts, I can be their friend and love them because I can feel the love and brightness of their soul.

Please understand that I have a high tolerance level for people’s ugly behavior and sometimes people’s inflated egos prevail upon me and I have to disengage. For example, if I am with someone who is constantly belittling themselves, is self-deprecating and evinces low self-worth and low self-esteem despite my best efforts to support and love them, I have to pull myself away from that person in loving-detachment. I simply cannot expose myself to that level of toxicity for long periods of time. Of course, I give them a chance. In the end, if they are too negative, I leave their domain with kindness and forgiveness and continue to be with those that are positive. I am too sensitive an empath to be around negative people even though I can see the goodness of their soul. This may seem contradictory but understand that I am not made of steel. I can take only so much negativity. However, I never hate. I remove myself in loving-detachment knowing that beneath the surface of that negative person lies the goodness of their soul. It’s just that they have lost connection with it. I am with them to love them unconditionally so that they may do the same for themselves. If they refuse to love themselves unconditionally, what can I do or say other than love them from afar? After all, I must maintain boundaries for my health and healing.

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