Saturday, October 12, 2019

Why I Don’t Wait For Religious Holidays

I don’t wait for any religious holidays to come around and I don’t celebrate them. Why and why does it matter to you?

I don’t wait for any religious holidays to come around because I’m not waiting to celebrate God, a spiritual time, going to a church or temple because I celebrate BEING God every day. How is that?

I celebrate BEING God now because God is me and I am God. Not all of God but a fractal, a piece of God.  “The Father and I are one” a declaration attributed to Jesus, is still misunderstood. The meaning of my BEING God now and “The Father and I are one” means, from my experience, that humankind is composed of the essence of God and because of that we are co-creators. We are God having a physical, human experience and I celebrate Being God every day. Every day is a holy day (holiday) for me. Every day is sacred, divine and spiritual for me. I live with this awareness.

I don’t need to do anything special to show my devotion to God. I don’t need a religious holiday to prove how religious or spiritual I am. I am already showing the highest devotion to God with my self-awareness and practice of both Being God and being in service to others. Showing loving kindness to others, doing random acts of kindness to strangers, showing loving-detachment, being peace now, being tolerant, being charitable, showing generosity, being forgiving are all indicative of a holiday mood and spirit that is on an every day, basic level.

I am always in a good mood because every day is a holy day and it’s not practiced in some grandiose way. It is practiced in a grounded, simple way where I am consciously awake to being appreciative, grateful, thankful and loving for this sacred experience I’m having. Please understand that religious holidays are fine. I just don’t wait for them or feel the need to celebrate them to connect with God.

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