Monday, July 8, 2019

Low Awareness Human Nature

I have experienced both being human and observing humans for millennia and I have perceived them and myself to have what I like to call, “Low awareness human nature.” What is low awareness human nature and why is it important to understand?

Low awareness human nature is human behavior from the perspective of the ego. This behavior is characterized by the desire to survive, to compete, to compare, to control, to approve of, to be bigger, better, stronger and greater than another and to have a hidden agenda. I know because, as a human, I have evinced these behaviors, have seen them in my neighbors, friends and family and watch how people all over the world behave with low awareness human nature. I am also a student of history where the story of man’s low awareness human nature can be studied in many of his behaviors from the Inquisition to the Iraq War. Low awareness human nature is important to understand in light of mankind’s current evolution to a higher awareness that is occurring at an extremely fast pace.

All over the world, humans are seeing how their low awareness human nature has and is destroying the planet and hurting their fellow humans and are realizing that things need to change and are changing it. We have been and continue to be in the midst of the raising of human consciousness to higher levels of awareness that is taking humans from low awareness human nature to higher awareness that engenders tolerance, sharing, compassion, kindness, acceptance, brotherhood and peace. Yes, we also see many humans who are devolving to even lower awareness in hate groups, neo-nazis, xenophobia, terrorism, greed, war, partisan politics, and isolationism. These detrimental attitudes are fading quickly.

We humans are in a new reality of higher consciousness and those devolving are those humans who
are so willful, they do not want to give up their limiting beliefs. These humans will either change for the better or choose to leave the planet. Earth is now a planet of love, not of death. If you are not with the new higher consciousness paradigm of love, may I suggest you get with it ASAP or perish.

This is not advocating of harm to another human being. My admonition that people with old energy are leaving the planet is simply the reality that low awareness human nature has ended and those that practice it will find life on planet Earth intolerable and THEY are evolving out of the picture.

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