Friday, March 15, 2019

Why I Don’t Have Regrets

I have no regrets. I asked myself why this is so. After some introspection and life review, I realized that there ARE things I would do differently and things I said and did that I would like to take back (I have through forgiving my past) and I have no sadness over missed opportunities in my life. What is at the root of this?

At the root of my having no regrets is that I have achieved my destiny in this lifetime. I have not allowed fate to dictate my life. How do I know that I have achieved my destiny?

I am aware that I have achieved my destiny because I became aware of my soul path and my spiritual journey. A great, over arching theme in my life was over-coming low self-esteem, low self-worth and self-deprecation. Here I was, born into mastery, thinking of myself in a lowly way and allowing others to demean me and intimidate me. How did I over-come my low self-esteem?

I over-came my low self-esteem by opening myself up to my soul path by being with spiritual masters who taught me meditation and other spiritual practices that helped me to be able to hear the whispers of my soul through my intuition. I was able to follow my intuition which assisted my in doing deep soul searching and having dark nights of the soul. Through this difficult inner work, I began to see the inner master I am, I began to remember my mastery and to realize that in this lifetime, my destiny was to be and function as the Ascended Master I am. This took many great leaps of faith on my part and after many experiences with spiritual mastery, I have come to a level of high spiritual mastery and awareness of and connection to my Higher Self. The journey does not end here. It is an infinite journey.

This particular soul path, in this lifetime, has taught me to believe in myself. Everyone’s soul path awaits their realization of it. I am not alone. I am simply a Wayshower who is saying, “You can do this too.”

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