Thursday, March 28, 2019

What Do You Want From Me?

What do you want from me? I am already vibrating at a high level, assisting the shift of the beings on Earth and Gaia herself to move up a note in consciousness! I am already a significant Cosmic Being, on assignment on this planet, so why are you asking more of me? Why am I asking this question?

I am asking the above question because, as far as what humans want from me, I am doing ALL I am here to do. I am not here to give meaning to myself and others, I am not here to have a purpose, I am not here to help you lessen your suffering as my presence is already Love, Wisdom and Healing and my very being here is my doing. Did you get that? Again, my very being here, my presence is my doing. Whatever I do as a human, in addition to my presence, is up to me, not you, humans. I am not obligated to do anything else for and with you. Why is this important?

This is important for humans to know and be aware of because they can learn that there is more to life than suffering with judgemental thinking, insecurities, believing one must approve of or seek approval, have a hidden agenda, control others, be better than or greater than others when the most important aspect in life is the joy of expanding one’s awareness.

Expanding awareness is the reason for my being here. Anything else is just details. If in your egoic struggles you do not see an opportunity to expand your awareness and raise your consciousness to a higher level, you are just treading water. Trading water is the reason for your angst. May I encourage my fellow humans to see opportunities in their experiences not negativity. Remember, this is being said by one whose presence alone is his doing, his producing of something. Reflect on that.

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