Friday, March 29, 2019

Is The Mind A Believing Mechanism?

Is the human mind a “believing” mechanism and operationally that’s what it’s designed for in that we humans must hold thought agreements with ourselves and others in order to feel and be a reality? Must I believe that I am human, for instance, in order to BE human or I otherwise fade into black? Do I have an answer to my own question?

I have a hunch that we humans don’t have to “believe” anything because when I empty my mind of thoughts and remain in pure awareness, I don’t die, disappear, go insane or become an idiot. When my mind is empty of thought agreements, I am still the essential “Me” as awareness having a mindful experience. I have found mind to be like a body. It lives, it breathes, it shits, it cries, it hungers. I can use mind like a tool to build things, solve problems and intend a world into being. When I am not in my mind, I am not out of my mind. I am here as an awareness that never dies. Did you get that? Again, I am an awareness that never dies. Why is this an imperative to acknowledge?

I have found that it is imperative to acknowledge that I am awareness that never dies because it helps me to have a great perspective about how my thinking often times tries to take me prisoner. My beliefs try to make me a victim of my own thought agreements that may be limiting my experience of reality, of life as I believe I know it. The best question I have for my thought agreements is, “Is this true even though it may feel real for me?”

I have come to the conclusion that I must examine my mind, my beliefs with the very tool that creates my beliefs. I can examine my mind with my mind in that I am aware that I am aware. So, the answer is that I can choose to believe something with the proviso that the belief can be changed with the addition of more information. Believing does not define my identity.

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