Wednesday, March 6, 2019

If You Are Not Doing Your Actions With Love, You Are Not Coming From Your Soul

From my experience in practicing being Love in every moment, I have found that being Love and doing actions with Love is the energy of the soul. Love is not a thought or emotion, it is a force that originates in the soul. Love is soul force. If we, as humans who have souls, are not doing our actions with Love, we are not coming from our souls, our actions are not soulful. Why is this important?

I perceive that making the distinction that Love comes from the soul is important because I find that my fellow humans are confused about what the soul is, perhaps don’t believe in the soul, let alone what Love is. I find most of my fellow humans not connected to their soul, believing Love is a romantic feeling, a sexual feeling or emotion.

I find that since many of my fellow humans think Love instead of be Love, it is easy for them to believe they can shut off Love like it’s a valve on a water faucet. They can be flaky about Love when it suits them. This leads humans to easily move to hate and contempt and to be empty beings who are devoid of Love inside and in their actions and who crave Love and will do anything to get it when they are already the force of Love but don’t realize it. What is the answer to being Love in every moment?

The answer to being Love in every moment and doing every action with Love, thereby coming from your soul, is to practice connecting to your soul. If you are believing that you are acting with Love as you seek to control, compete, approve of, have a hidden agenda with and desire to be better than, that is not Love. That is your ego. Your soul will be acting with Love as you seek to be compassionate, kind, caring, concerned, appreciative, grateful and thankful. When you see the difference in your ego’s thinking Love and your soul’s being Love, you will have made the quantum leap to knowing that you ARE Love and you will have arrived at the level of a soulful human being. Welcome to Paradise.

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