Friday, March 1, 2019

God Is NOT Responsible For You

Stop saying and believing that God gives you things. God is NOT responsible for you because God made you with “free will.” You are born with responsibility for your own actions and unfortunately most believe that God is the giver of everything they are and have and they believe they have no Co-Creative ability. What’s this about?

What this is about is humans giving up their power to a being outside themselves that they believe is responsible for everything they are and have. The reality is that they are responsible for themselves and who they are and what they have. No God makes you do anything. You are a Co-Creator responsible for your own creations including what you have in your life. No being but yourself gives you what you have. You have an equal share in being responsible for your life. God is not your parent or your banker. God is an energy of Creation that can manifest at will and so are you.

To realize and be God ALSO, NOT ALL OF GOD, NOT THEE GOD BUT A PIECE OF GOD is the reality of human existence. We humans are God having a physical experience that we may know ourselves on a deeper level. That’s what God is doing for you. Believe it, function as it, benefit from it.

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