Monday, March 4, 2019

Everything Is Recorded In The Akashic Records

There is a Cosmic reality that records everything called the Akashic Records and humans can avail themselves of this library like the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce did and get information on themselves and ANY knowledge of anything. What impact does this have on humanity?

The impact that this has on humanity, in my perception, is that we can review our every thought, our every behavior and every action over time and allow this information to grow our consciousness, our awareness and our maturity that we may move into higher levels of reality and not be victims of our old energy habits that no longer serve us as well as discovering ancient knowledge to heal us.

There is no doubt that this is a deeper metaphysical reality to apprehend and not everyone is ready to use this tool of self-actualization. I put this out there because I have and can go into the Akashic Records to recall my life and take a look at the repetitive themes in my existence to see what is no longer serving my best interests in terms of my thoughts and actions. This is self-reflection and self-awareness on steroids. You have to want this type of introspection for yourself because it is deep, heavy and highly revealing.

I am suggesting that you learn how to mine your Akashic Records, as I have, as a more spiritual means for greater self-understanding. It is an unmatchable tool, I have found, for getting to the heart of matters concerning your inner themes that you can examine, reflect upon and change for the better or at least come to terms with. There are a number of resources you can look into to teach you how to deal with your Akashic Records. Tread carefully with discernment, love and deliberation.

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