Wednesday, March 27, 2019


No matter what level of awareness you are at, no matter your level of spiritual mastery, I have found that when you attach to your perceptions as if they are the ONLY way or THE way, you are fixated or stuck on these ideas. This is the basis of attachment...being stuck in one place. Why is this important to understand?

It is important to understand attachment to certain perceptions and ideas as the ONLY way or THE way because there is always greater perception, always better ideas, always expanding awareness that encompasses greater knowledge and understanding. From my experience, there is much more to reality than we think and limiting one’s thinking by believing “this is it, there’s no more, I found the ultimate answer” and staying fixed there is attaching to a limited awareness because there is always more to know., always new and greater ways of seeing realities. Why is there always more to know?

There is always more to know because awareness is ever expanding and we can become more aware and gain greater knowledge about anything and stopping the expansion of one’s awareness by attaching to certain knowledge, awareness, perceptions and ideas as “it” is a great limitation to deeper understanding of existence.

When you attach to anything, you don’t move and process moving is a Cosmic Law.

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