Thursday, February 7, 2019

What Is The Insecurity Of The Persona?

From my experience of having been insecure and still experiencing, at times, insecurities, I have an understanding what insecrities really are. So, what are the insecurities of the persona?

I have found that insecurities of the persona derive from the misperception that what you perceive in another persona is missing from yourself and that exposes a vulnerability in your ego. The ego then perceives itself as less than, not worthy of. This calls up anger because you are frustrated that this quality you see in another is missing in you or is something you need to work on. You will usually react negatively to your reflection of who you really are as seen in the form of another persona. What do you do?

From my experience, the best approach is to change your perception to see your reflection in another as a sign that you have more work to do on yourself instead of the usual anger at the other person. This is a maturation process as I have done this in my life. We just have to look at insecrities as teaching us how to grow into mature adults.

Many don’t seek maturity. They continue to be insecure all their lives. I say insecurities are an opportunity to grow and this growth of the persona brings much happiness, peace of mind and balance because you don’t live your life feeling angry all the time at what is reflected back to you by others.

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