Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Meaning Of Seeing The Digital Readout Of 444

I saw a digital readout of 444 last night at 4:44am on my stove and microwave and had an aha moment. What was that aha moment?

One of the meanings is that 444 is the numerological equivalent of “All is Well” and this is a mantra I use every day. What the aha moment was is that the Universe and I are one. The Universe heard my “All is Well” and gave me an affirmation that, yes, all IS well. See what I’m getting at?

I realized that my connection to the All There Is is real, true and on point. There is no separation between it and me. I am it and I am with it. I live my life in unity consciousness with the All There Is and as such, I can manifest at will, have want I Intend at will.

I bring this up so that all can see that this is also available to them. We are all connected to the All There Is and have the ability to allow The All There Is to talk with us in its myriad ways, even when it’s numerolgically.

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