Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Karma Of Your Spoken Word

In my experience with Karma, it is not a Cosmic Spiritual tool designed to punish, to get back at. It is not revenge. Karma is the Cosmos’ way of creating balance by teaching what it feels like to do an action to another, good or bad. In this way of teaching, one gets to experience the very action perpetrated on another that one may feel what it is like to do a thing to another so as to have more wisdom in the choice of action in the future. Actions have consequences and these actions are not merely the physical ones. They also pertain to the spoken word. What does that mean?

It means that your spoken words also have karma. The spoken word carries vibrational energy based on intent and they have power to harm or help. Most people say their words unconsciously without a thought to how much good or harm they bring. Most people believe words are just puffs of air and to think that is simply low awareness human nature.

Words have the power to kill or to resurrect and it is critically important for your karma to be very aware of the effects of your words and how they will eventually come back on you. Choose your words carefully for they represent your future. Words can and do harm a body, a mind, feelings and soul. They can also uplift, encourage, support and heal. How you choose to USE your words is your karma.

Use wisdom.

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