Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Human Experience Of The Divine Is Not It

Is there a true and real experience of the Divine that human beings have? From my experience with being a human and from other humans, what I and others believe is the experience of the Divine, of God, Spirit, the Sacred is NOT the experience of the Divine at all. What is the human experience of God if not the actual experience of God then?

From  my perception of the experience of knowing God as a human, what I experience as God is what I THINK God means and not a direct experience of God itself. When I see God, I am seeing what I believe God to be not what God Really is. How can I experience God Really, as a human?

I have found that I can experience God Really, as a human, by going out of my mind. I don’t mean going insane. I mean putting my mind to the side and experiencing God with my awareness, not my thoughts because most of what goes on as man’s understanding of God is through reading, brainwashing and dogma. It is not direct experience. For example, praying is not the direct talking to God. It is thinking you’re talking to God. Real talking to God is going into meditation, putting your mind to the side and listening within to God’s whispers. That is the closest a human can get to God inside of oneself.

The human experience of God, I have found, is not inside a building. It is inside the human heart.  It is not from a book or a religious figure that you know God. It is from a direct experience gotten when the mind is out of the way and all the pre-conceived notions of what God is are thrown out!!!

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