Friday, February 15, 2019

Spirit Wonders Why Humans Can’t See It And Are Afraid Of It

From my experience being Spirit in human form, Spirit silently wonders WHY humans cannot SEE it and WHY humans are so AFRAID of it. What is the answer to this perplexing state of human awareness and perception?

The answer to why most humans in our so-called modern human world can’t see Spirit and are deathly afraid of Spirit is because they have allowed culture, society and religion to convince them that Spirit doesn’t exist, it is evil, it is the devil or it is “out there” somewhere. Most of humanity live in an objectified, materialistic world where only the ego is “real.” To these humans, Spirit is make believe yet many suspend their non-belief in Spirit and profess that there is a man with a white robe and long white beard living in the sky. At this juncture, Spirit is now calling more humans to expanding awareness of its presence in them and in everything around them. How is Spirit doing this?

Spirit is making its presence known to humans now by appearing in their dreams, showing up so that Spirit can be actually seen by humans, greater synchronicities, presenting itself to humans in the forms of smells, Sounds, premonitions, angel appearances and omens. These are just a few of the ways Spirit is getting humans to pay attention to Spirit and its reality.

Many humans dismiss and ignore these signs from Spirit. I am here today to encourage you to embrace these positive signs by Spirit. Of course, always be discerning as to the purpose of Spirit’s presence in your life. From my experience, it has never been negative when Spirit knocked on my door.  The only thing negative is my fear. There is nothing to fear as I am Spirit in form.

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