Thursday, February 14, 2019

Looking For Love Is Tantamount To NOT Finding It

From my experience with having had true love in my life, I found that it did not come or arrive from “looking for” love. I found that “looking for” love was tantamount to blocking love and never finding it.  Why is that?

The reason I found that “looking for” love was not the way to find love is because love cannot be found and it is not a thing to “look for.” Love is NOT an emotion nor is it a feeling. Love is a force. It is the glue that holds the Cosmos together. In order to have, not find, true love, you have to BE love in every moment. You must be the Force of Love yourself first and radiate that love in order to attract love. You must also give your love unconditionally. Conditional love is not love at all. It is a bartering. I give you this, you give me that. That is not love. What is true love then?

True love is being the state of, the force of love where, out of this force comes caring, concern, consideration, compassion, appreciation, enjoyment, connection, kindness and peace. It is a state where you enter a relationship with another already in love and who are you in love with? Yourself, of course. This is not the egoic, self-centered love of the narcissist.This love I’m talking about is the love given freely out of being in the force of love that you bring to every situation. This does not mean you are in love with everyone although you are loving in every moment. It means that when one arrives through your attraction that you are in alignment with in the force of love, there will be mutual feelings of unconditional love. I know, I have been there.

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