Friday, February 1, 2019

Don’t Bother Me, I’m Enlightened!

Don’t bother me, I’m Enlightened! Well, if I’m enlightenened, it’s impossible for you to bother me. Why is that?

If you are enlightened, you will know that being enlightened is NOT a state of being but a level of awareness where you know that you are Spirit having a sacred, physical experience and that experience continues to happen over and over again at deeper and deeper or more aware levels. Being enlightened is the level of your sacred, divine experience as your awareness of yourself as Spirit in flesh and beyond. It has nothing to do with being more or less than anything or anyone. Why is that?

The reason being enlightened has nothing to do with being MORE or LESS than anything or anyone is because the more enlightened you become, the more your awareness expands to know that you are connected to everyone. Quantum entanglement. There is only ONE Self here. We are all made of the same Spirit. At the level of true enlightenment, there is only WE. There is no judgement on the enlightened super Highway.

So, in terms of what I see as being enlightened, when we are in each other’s sphere, whatever level of enlightened beings we are, we are friends, fellow travelers on the continuum across the Cosmos, the infinite Arc of the Spiritual Journey. There is no bother on the good, red road.

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