Sunday, February 24, 2019

Can A Presence Heal You?

For those of you who are asking the question, “Can another’s presence heal me,” or those of you who have felt healed by another’s presence or know that your very presence can heal another, I am here to give validation to the experience that one human’s presence alone can heal another. I do this. How is it so ?

There are those of us humans that have a very powerful healing “presence.” What that means is that we can transmute negativity to positivity just by our presence alone. This presence is our vibrational frequency that carries a very high energy, very high light quotient which translates to you feeling better by being around us. Haven’t you ever felt uplifted by being in another’s presence or brought down by being in their  presence? I have and I have also lent my presence to making things better for others, for a state of healing begins when we feel we have the permission in our environment to return to balance. For example, if you are feeling depressed, someone’s great presence can lift you up and help you to feel happier. You allows this for yourself in their presence. It is palpable. They affect you positively.

I am aware that there is power in one’s presence and there are humans who have such a powerful uplifting presence that just by being around them you are changed for the better. This is real and true. I know, I am a natural transmuter. When you return to balance, you are in a healed state where no disease can enter.

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