Thursday, February 28, 2019

Are You Afraid To Look Inside Yourself?

I heard someone say that they were afraid of looking inside themselves because they were afraid of what they’d see. I felt compassion for this person because it reflects a person who seems to be ensconced in the more shallow, outer perspectives of life experience and has a fear of plumbing the deeper, internal aspects of their psyche and soul because of their flawed behaviors of their ego. What’s the news in this?

The news that I have for this person is that all human beings are “flawed” and no matter our egoic behavior, we can always look inside and see that we have more sides to ourselves than our persona/psyche/ego and those other parts are desiring and having growth despite what we think. Whatever reprehensible behavior we have committed, we can always look inside ourselves at that behavior and know that it is something we can transcend.

To be stuck in the notion that I am afraid to look within because I have behaved badly or that my unconscious may contain horrible things is, to me, a sad state of being to allow oneself to fall into. Why is that?

To feel that you are afraid to look with because you are afraid of what you’ll find is refuting the reality that humans can and have redeemed themselves. What the person who is afraid of looking within is really saying is they really don’twant to look within. They don’t care about deeper self-reflection, contemplation, analysis, self-awareness and understanding. To these people, the outer experience of reality is enough. I say that it is a soul loss to not go within to see what’s there because what’s there is YOU.

In the end, there is nothing to fear by going within and seeing who you really are.

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