Monday, February 11, 2019

A White Spectral Wizard Is Here

I am a White Spectral Wizard. What does that mean and why is that important?

White Spectral Wizard is my Galactic signature and was determined by the Universal energies that existed on the day I was born. My day sign is White Wizard and my Galactic tone is Spectral. My Galactic signature represents both my inner being and my outer representation to the world. My primary color of white represents a huge aspect of who I am.

Since I am white, I am a thinker. I plan and prioritize. I am objective and see the big picture. I play the second or “refinement” role in the Universal Creation Process. My tone being Spectral, I release. I have the power to dissolve and my essence is liberation.

Why this is important is because I am a Being who transmutes. I can transmute negativity into positivity and vice versa. I am a wizard who enchants.  I am the essence of receptivity and I have the power of timelessness.  Why it has meaning for everyone on the planet is that each of us carries a signature that is more than who and what we are taught to believe about ourselves. We are all beings of Cosmic energy structure and we need to pay attention to that because these deeper aspects of ourselves help us to know ourselves beyond a surface level understanding. We go beyond ego and ourselves to a more expanded level of awareness.

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