Saturday, January 26, 2019

You Are Not Your Personal History

Releasing your personal history in order to be truly free is the most difficult practice because it is misunderstood. Why is that?

I have found from my own experience and the understanding of others that releasing your personal history is about erasing the memories of your personal history. It is not, in my opinion. Erasing personal history is about no longer identifying with your personal history as YOU that you may transform yourself into the more of what your potential has to offer and not stay stuck in the story you have already lived and are influenced by. For example, your personal history may include the poverty your family experienced as a child but that does not mean you need to carry that story forward yourself. You don’t have to live in fear of loss or lack consciousness.

Erasing personal history is a technique designed to free you from the shackles of believing you are a thing because you experienced it. The clue is, learn from it, don’t re-live it. Transform your self by extricating yourself out of the cycle of poverty you experienced by changing your community to a higher socio-economic one, get more education, hang around successful people, take seminars in wealth building and motivation, seek spiritual counseling and learn to practice releasing your personal history which consists of visualizing yourself as a winner, victorious in all things, not a loser  who is a victim.

What you tell yourself, what you accept about yourself is your own doing, not the voice of your poverty stricken ancestors. Help them by helping yourself by releasing the past by no longer identifying that your past is YOU. You can intend it not to be. Now, that is real power.

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