Sunday, January 27, 2019

What God Wants For Us

What does God want for us? Have you ever asked what God really wants for you? I have and I have a perception to put forth about that.

What I perceive that God wants for us is...absolutely nothing. Why do I perceive this? I perceive this because I see that God has already given humanity the gift of “free will “ and “free will”
is humanity’s ability to choose what is best for Man without God’s interference. Why would God do that, you ask? Great question and I have a theory.

I perceive, in my theory, that God Created “free will” in Man because God is a Creator looking to expand its awareness of itself through Creation and it gives itself the opportunity to learn from what ever choices are made by Man, good or bad. Yes, that’s right. God doesn’t care what you choose. Either good or bad. That is up to you. That is your “free will.” God learns from you either way. However, God has created Cosmic Laws like Karma that are designed to keep the Cosmos in balance by teaching Man what it feels like to Man himself to do a thing to another. If you decide in your “free will” to murder another man, that act will come to you as a teaching to show YOU how it feels to another to murder them. There are consequences to Man’s actions, good, bad or indifferent and THIS is the gift God has given to Man. This is a gift, you ask?

God has not given Man morality. God has imbued Man with the gift of a code of ethics. Morality is a human invention that half or more of humanity does not always follow but a code of ethics exists as Law and each man knows not to break that code and when he does, he suffers. People can be immoral or amoral but our society is accepting of immoral or amoral behavior. However, our society will not tolerate the breaking of a code of ethics and there are more severe consequences for that in our society. The problem is that most people who break the code of ethics don’t want to learn from the consequences and that’s where they fail to adhere to learning from their “free will” choice and continuing taking the misguided action of breaking the code of ethics over and over again. This is what the definition of suffering is for continually breaking the code of ethics does not bring you happiness. It is filled with strife and again, God does not care. Why?

God is learning. God is growing. Are you?

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