Friday, January 25, 2019

The Past And The Future Are Dead Ideas

Time is a mental construct, an idea created in the human-Earth matrix to provide the ego with a sense of things moving from point A to point B. In truth, Time does not exist as everything happens in the now, the present moment. Therefore, preoccupation with the  past and future relegates you to behaving in dead realities...they don’t exist. They are a product of ego’s memory which is faulty to begin with. How do we humans reconcile having memories of experiences, creating goals for the future and being here now?

The way that I have found to reconcile my ego’s desire to be identified with the past and worry about the future is to practice, practice, practice being in the present moment where I can visit and change the past as well as determine my goals for the future and then let go of my ego’s OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Diorder) of wanting to always identify itself with the past and future which is dead, does no longer exist and not where I am anyway. I am in the present moment and I train my mind, my ego to be here NOW with me in this present moment while giving pure intent about my desires for the future and not being attached to a specific outcome. Did I say this was easy? It is not easy. Where to start?

For me, I started by training myself to not think about anything else while I was with someone, whether that was a friend or relative I was talking with or my girlfriend who I was loving with. Every time a thought came up, I came back to the present moment knowing that any feelings I had in that moment were there to be felt at a later now moment. They are all now moments. I also trained myself not to worry about HOW my intentions for the future would come about. I simply trusted in myself that all is well and all will turn out well as the future is sown in the seeds of the present. I let go of expectations.

This was really a training of my mind that I would have mastery OVER my thoughts and not my thoughts OVER me. I have seen how time moves objects in space with my own physical eyes. They do not move in a smooth, continuous arc through space. They move from moment to moment, stopping in that moment and “moving” to another moment. The physical eye cannot capture this moment to moment flow as it sees the moment/movement as continuous just like our brain fools us when we watch movies. Movies are individual pictures moving at a speed where your eye “sees” them as a moving picture. The same is true with our physical reality.

I encourage you to be in the present moment where everything is possible. The past and future are dead on arrival.

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