Sunday, January 20, 2019

Identifying Solely With Your Soul

I am coming, more and more, to identify the real “me” as my soul and not my persona. I am at a stage in my soul’s evolution where it is so dominant that I can see and feel the distinct delineations between my soul and my persona. I can see that my persona is an expression of my soul and not my true nature no matter how real it feels to me. What is the meaning of this?

It means that I now witness my persona from the perspective of loving-detachment and do not allow the complex machinations of my persona/psyche/ego to rule the real “me.” It is a way of stepping outside of the mask that I put on as the character I play and to know what my soul urge is really telling me, is doing, what it needs and not being seduced by the lower awareness of the persona that is solely dependent on the ego’s gratification. I delay gratification when I decide to, when I want to. What is this saying?

On the level of the physical world, I am saying that I have learned to master my physical, emotional and mental self and now can hear the voice of my truer soul Self that I allow to guide me. Do I do this 100%? No but I know the differences between the voice of my ego and the voice of my soul. Why is this important for all of us ? 

For me, the importance of knowing the differences in the voices of your ego and soul helps you to live a life above the fray of daily suffering. You know how to control your ego because you know it’s voice and you do not let it fool you into being a person that seeks and wants to give approval of oneself and others, seeks to always control others, often has a hidden agenda, often competes and compares to be better than others rather than accepting oneself and others for who and what they are, is greedy, cannot control one’s appetites whether it be for sex, food, fame, notoriety or money.

The soul is “above” this fray and only seeks to expand its awareness and then it moves on. It seeks only to be love in every moment, to be in the now present moment where everything is possible. It does not compete, compare, approve or control others. It seeks to expand its own awareness during its soul path. This is what I identify with, my soul Self and I have found it to be a worthy pursuit.

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