Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How Not To Be Negative

How not to be negative. Is that a tall order? From my experience, not really. So, what can we do to not be negative?

Here are nine ways I practice and have found effective to not be negative:

1. Always remember in any mood, feeling or situation, “this too shall pass.”

2. Check your self-importance at the door. This will curb any negative, self-righteous attitude.

3. Be in the present moment. Stop thinking about the past and future so much. What is happening right now is the key to happiness.

4. Erase your personal history. You are not your past behaviors, situations or occurrences. Don’t identify with past negative experiences as “YOU.”

5. Let go of expectations. Having goals and intentions are one thing but expectations fix you into a limited perception of what an experience will be like. Let the experience happen, good, bad or indifferent.

6. See your experiences as happenings you learn from not regret or fear.

7. Remember that you are an unlimited being having a human experience that is naturally filled with ups, downs, disappointments, betrayals and other perceived slights.

8. Remember that being negative is a choice. You choose to react negatively. Train yourself to choose a positive reaction. This is not about fooling yourself into believing that you don’t feel bad or negative. It is about coming back to balance which is peace of mind.

9. Remember that being negative only hurts you and not that which caused you to be negative in the first place. Why give your power away?

These nine ways about how not to be negative are from my arsenal of behaviors developed over a lifetime of being negative and learning it’s better not to be. Being positive is more about being able to manifest your desires which come about more easily with a positive attitude.

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