Monday, January 28, 2019

Do You Want Happiness, Abundance And Love?

Do you want happiness, abundance and love? If you do, allow it into your life and STOP overthinking it. What does that mean?

Most humans, including myself are used to hesitancy, doubt and negativity about having happiness, abundance and love in our lives because we overthink our ability to have these natural gifts. This overthinking is the obsessive-compulsive behavior we exhibit about the very things that are so easy to achieve it’s ridiculous. From my experience, happiness, abundance and love are waiting to come to you but you use mindless OCD behavior born out of a lack of self-worth to kill any momentum of the natural states of being to come into your reality. You perceive these things as things you have to get when they are states of mind that arrive in your life through pure intent, through being. How do you do it?

When you desire happiness, abundance and love in your life, feel inside you what these states of being are like for you. Visualize what it feels like to be happy, abundant and being loved and then get to action being these states of being for others. You have to first give to get. Be these states of being for others and forget about the mechanics of how these states will arrive in your reality as material manifestations. Don’t obsess about how, when, where or why these states will come to you. Just ALLOW them to manifest in your life. When you give others happiness, abundance and love, they will be given back to you. It’s Law.

Don’t get frustrated when it takes a while. Simply give your intent for these beautiful states to manifest and stay in your life and get out of your own way. Be mindful of those signs that will come to you that show you the way to your happiness, abundance and love. Don’t ignore the signs as your subconscious mind goes to work to make these states of being a reality in your life.

The physical world is an actionable reality, yes but it is backed by a non-physical world that you are also a part of. This is the non-physical world of feelings, intent, will power born from our human ability to master these aspects to our will. That is what overcoming doubt, hesitancy from lack of self-worth is conquered by: mastering the self. Mastering the self is realizing that your mind is controlling you in a way you don’t desire and changing those negative, obsessive thoughts and beliefs to thoughts and beliefs that allow happiness, abundance and love into your life. The key is ALLOWANCE not WILLFULNESS.

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