Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Being Spiritual Is About Actions

All beings are spiritual in that we come from and are of Spirit. What I have found about being spirirutual is that it is a word specifically meant to describe the actionable, physical reality humans find themselves in. Being Spiritual is about actions. What is meant by this?

What I mean by this is that, from my experience, being Spiritual is not about religious beliefs, proselytizing, converting to another religion and praying to a God. When you are truly spiritual, you are an actor that brings forth spiritual values that help, uplift, not harm, others. As a spiritual person you put forth the actionable aspects of being peace and creating peace, being compassionate, being kind, being happy, being in balance, harmony and being Love in every moment. You do not quote words from a book, attend ceremonies, rituals or go into special buildings to be spiritual. Spiritual is the smile you give to a stranger, the clean clothes you tithe to Goodwill, the money you give to the homeless shelter. You do not do so-called good works on Earth so that you get your ticket punched to get into heaven. You Create heaven on Earth by visiting a lonely senior and bringing that person some food or read to gradeschool children whose second language is English that they may learn to read more proficiently.

Spirituality is the actionable aspect of Love. To be truly spiritual is to be a loving being with no expectations. It’s the simple love of loving your neighbor as you love yourself not as a phrase to throw around but as a real thing you do every day. True spirituality is a soulful gift that is given to yourself and others through practicing not pontificating.

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