Wednesday, January 30, 2019

As An Empath, It Isn’t You That Has A Problem

I am an ultra-sensitive, hyper-Empath who has traveled the arc of my life through what most Empaths do to themselves: put themselves down, don’t believe in their empathic powers, have low self-worth and low self-esteem and allow low-vibrating and unaware people to encroach upon their boundaries. After coming into my full power, I realized it was not me, the Empath, who had the problem on this planet. What is the problem that Empaths are looked at as odd, weird, strange humans?

The problem is not with Empaths. The problem, as I have experienced it, is that empathy is still an “alien” Sensitivity on our planet. People with low or no empathy and I am afraid there are many out there, simply are afraid of, don’t understand, cannot tolerate and find Empathic Sensitivity “alien” which it is. It is a high vibrating state where humans have the ability to “feel into” everything, including other human beings. What are the most important things for Empaths to do?

The most important things for an Empath, in my experience, is to, one, NOT believe or feel they are less, damaged, weird, wrong, bad, evil, etc. Two, Do not use drugs, sex, alcohol, food or any addiction to drown the empathy. Three, get help in learning how to harness, to deal with to understand these powers more deeply and use them in a positive way and not as negative feelings to damage oneself. Four, stay away from narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths at all costs.

It’s OK to feel deeply. It’s OK to have these Empathic powers. You are meant to have them but they are still an “alien” Sensitivity for this planet. So, OK, you are an alien. So what. Be yourself and celebrate your Empathic nature. The problem is with low-energy human nature, not with you. Learn coping techniques as soon as possible and stop letting anyone encroach upon your boundaries.

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