Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I Am A Living Blessing

I have realized that to be alive is to be blessed. I know that when this is said or read, it comes off kind of corny or cliche. To truly experience yourself, to feel blessed in a visceral way, to cognize it on the other hand, as being blessed, is another story. How did I realize I was in this state of blessedness?

I realized that I am a walking, talking blessed human being because I looked at my life and saw that I had so many blessings in my life, so many. What I did was to accept, to really feel that I am blessed, to fully believe it. I discovered that when I’m all in, when I own that my life is a blessing, more blessings come to my life and I can bless those around me simply with my presence of blessedness. This is not religious. It is a state or realization that expands my awareness to seeing the fact that, hey, I have many things to be grateful for and I live in this happy state of being. It is real, palpable and true. When I look at my life, the blessings I’ve experienced cannot be denied.

Of course I have had ups and downs in my life, have been betrayed, rejected, misunderstood, lied to,  cheated on, etc. These too I perceive as blessings as they assisted me in arriving at a greater understanding of myself and others. These lower energy experiences did hurt at the time but upon reexamination, I realized they were for my betterment.

Feeling blessed is a true state of being, not a fake one based on false positive thinking. I’m talking about a state of being blessed, not thinking I’m blessed. I feel blessed, therefore, I attract blessings. If you want to find out the true meaning of life, try feeling blessed.

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