Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Truly Fulfilled Life

From the experiences of both my spiritual path on Earth and my Cosmic Soul Journey, I have discovered that the answer to a fulfilled life and existence is NOT about seeking answers or about finding anything. The answer to a truly fulfilled life is about BEING something! What is that “something” and why is it THAT?

I found through experiencing my spiritual path on Earth and my Cosmic Soul Journey that to be truly fulfilled whether in body or not is about BEING YOURSELF!!! What is being yourself? When I say being yourself, I am referring to the larger Self, the Spirit Self, the Soul Self not the little ego self. Please understand that I do not intend to denigrate the little self or ego self. It is who we are while in body as a persona/psyche/ego and there is ANOTHER part of our being which is the Spirit part that we can’t lose sight of. What this means is that you are, while in body, being your Soul consciousness AND your Higher Self and while out of body, you are being your Soul consciousness AND your Higher Self. You are always your Soul consciousness and Higher Self and to be that is the means of a fulfilling life and existence. To be these awarenesses is to live them, to come from them and not just from your physical self as in just from your personality or character. Your realize you are much more and you live from that perspective.

The reason it leads to fulfillment in life and in existence is because your Soul consciousness and Higher Self are your true essence, who you really are. These aspects of your self cannot be contested but they can be expanded upon. Our lives and existences are a journey of Soul and Higher Self-awareness expansion. We are ever-evolving beings and this evolution has consequences. The consequences of continuing evolution is change of consciousness. We raise our consciousness (that’s our evolution) to higher levels and because of that our experience changes in our lifetimes, in our existence. Not only do our experiences change for the better but we have thoughts, meet people, are in situations and occurances that are of a higher nature, that are more fulfilling in terms of more peace, happiness, abundance, prosperity, Love, compassion and so much more. This is what I have experienced.

While these paths are not easy because they come with learning, sacrifices, difficulties, lessons, karma and more, they are necessary for evolving on our Soul paths and Cosmic Journeys. Experiencing these evolving paths makes us something. It makes us a Soul consciousness and Higher Self that can express itself in body and out of body and that expression says, “I AM.” This is being who you are. This, I have found, has lead me to a truly more fulfilled life for I have created all that I have desired, all that I came here for and all that my destiny was meant to be in this lifetime.

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