Saturday, April 28, 2018

What The Angels Told Me

I have been guided by, connected to and talked to by Angels for many years. While they have told me many things that have guided my life and greatly improved my life; one of the most critical things the Angels communicated to me over and over again was that I was a teacher and as a teacher, anything that I learned of a spiritual nature, I had to share, I had to teach it. They also said that as a teacher, I would learn from my students, learn from the very act of sharing spiritual information. Why did the Angels tell me this?

The Angels advised me to teach what I learned because they realized that teaching and learning are on different sides of the same coin. Teaching IS learning because you learn more about what you teach. When you have to bring a message to others, you delve deeper into that message and it deepens your understanding. You see the teaching from a new, higher perspective that helps you see it in a way you never have before. It also opens you up to questions from those you teach which helps you reflect to a greater degree on the information you are teaching . The greatest thing about teaching, I found from experience, is finding out that you too must listen, yourself, to what you are teaching others. There is a message in there for you too, so listen to what you are telling, teaching others.

The world is filled with teachers who listened to the Angels and shared their information with the world, from Jesus of Nazareth and Mohamed to Socrates and Aristotle. We have their thoughts in writing to prove it. They taught their students and they, themselves, lived by their information, their teachings both for theirs and others’ illumination and their eventual peril.

Truths can be difficult to share especially when people don’t want to hear them usually because of ignorance or fear. The Angels I have encountered have admonished me to speak my truth at all costs. In speaking my truth, I continue attracting the Angelic realm. They support me in this endeavor. I believe that the guidance of Angels is a great boon to one’s confidence. While I listen to my fellow humans, I most definitely listen to Angelic wisdom.

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