Friday, April 13, 2018


I notice on line that people who often launch into political diatribes always talk about their people as “we” as if they live in a divided camp of “them,” “they” and “we.” “We” belong to all those on MY side and “they” belong to all those on the “other” side. Whether the people who launch these opinions know it or not, this thinking, this belief system is the height of separation consciousness that sees no connection between anything. To these objectifiers, everything is a dead object with no inherent spirit, even human beings. Why is this a mistake?

This is a mistaken belief system because it is in opposition to the truth of the matter. The truth is that we are all connected in a cosmic web. Everything is the same energy of Spirit, of God, of the All There Is, the Universe, the Cosmos. We are all connected. Just because everything looks disconnected to the human sensory system doesn’t mean it is. Separation consciousness is a low level of awareness that does not believe that there is a connecting Spirit in every thing that exists. Separation consciousness believes that there is no life in anything and that everything is clinical, objectified, dead, a machine. This is the Cartesian and Newtonian misguided theories still influencing humanities’ understanding of the true nature of existence which is a living organism that is everlasting and infinite that exists as a web of consciousness throughout the Cosmos in which everything is connected.

“We” as in we over here and you over there is a mistaken and misguided notion since there is no over there and over here. There is only here. There is no there. There is no outside myself. Everything is inside. My living experience is an inner experience. When I see you, there is no you. There is only what I perceive of you inside me and therefore you are me.

So, when people give their opinions on line and start saying to their crowd, “we are such and such and they are such and such, it is the height of separation consciousness because there is no other. There is no “I” or “we” or “they” or “them.” There is only it. We and everything in existence are a part of IT. What is IT?  May I encourage you to find that out for yourself.

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