Tuesday, April 3, 2018


If you are leading the masses out of darkness, you are a “wayshower.” What is this darkness we mention here and why do the masses need to be lead out of it? Darkness is separation from Spirit, from the Light. the Divine, the Sacred, God, the All There Is and is perceived by man as Light and the qualities inherent in the Light are Love, compassion, peace, harmony, balance, tolerance, happiness and abundance. These qualities exist in Spirit naturally and mankind has allowed the egoic nature of its persona/psyche/ego in itself and others to rule the planet placing it in darkness. Darkness is hate, anger, fear, intolerance, imbalance, greed, control, approval, judgement, comparison and competition. These dark qualities are what the wayshower leads the masses out of.

What does it mean to be lead out of? What it means to be lead out of the darkness is to show that there is a fixation on the darkness, an identification with the darkness as if it is all there is and that there can never be any way else because that’s just human nature, that’s just the way it is, because it is an addiction. The wayshower comes from a place of greater awareness and knows that darkness can be overcome, can be conquered. It also knows that this is a dualistic universe where Light and Dark co-exist for the very reason of allowing humanity to realize that Light and Dark are part of the same Divine energy and that it is simply a different reflection of the same thing and we do not have to be bound by darkness. Darkness does not have to be the order of the day. The wayshower shows that humanity can move away from darkness into the Light and more importantly, be the Light.

If you are leading the masses out of darkness and this does not have to be grandiose, you are a wayshower and your presence on Earth is important and vital. Wayshowers have helped humanity move away from darkness as a dominant force on Earth mainly by showing humanity that it has been blinded by darkness to think that’s the natural way of life. It is not. You don’t have to suffer, be in lack, be sick, be angry, hateful, be imbalanced, be greedy, be controlling, always approving, be judgemental, always comparing, always competing. Suffering is not a morally superior condition. These dark behaviors lead to one thing-depression. Please remember that darkness swallows up and Light irradiates. Darkness manifests in all forms in terms of showing up in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities. A good example of darkness in the body is cancer and so on.

If you are not a wayshower, you can become one by realizing that the Light is in you and you can be a leader by example. Come out of the darkness and into the Light and become a wayshower. We need you!

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