Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Wisdom Experience

In writing this blog, Step onto Your Own Wisdom Path for over two years now, I have perceived that wisdom is an experience that can be chosen. What do I mean by that? What I discovered by being on my own wisdom path is that I can choose, since I have free will, to do certain things with wisdom or not.

An example would be in giving my love, time and energy to a woman I meet. I can give my love unconsciously, foolishly, without discernment, without being wise and end up with someone who is not right for me or who doesn’t treat me right. On the other hand, I can use wisdom in giving my love which means giving my love, not with caution but with an awareness of who I am getting involved with. I use mindfulness in being discerning about the woman and I don’t try to blind myself from what’s really there that may not be the right fit for me as I move forward. I am not judging this woman. I am simply being wise in realizing that she would be happier with someone else. It’s nothing personal, just being wise for my own happiness.

Ultimately, the wisdom experience is coming from a place of love in not wanting to waste time repeating the same pitfalls over and over again. I do not judge the person, I am only looking out for both of us so that we both have the best experience. That being said, I do give people a chance and allow things to bloom a bit. The other person is also using their own discernment with me, I hope or they are using ego. It really doesn’t matter. Whatever the other person uses is up to them.

I have made it a point to make my connections with others a wisdom experience where I am mindful but not judging, not controlling, not approving, not comparing. I stay open and available and see what
happens, I treat them fairly, with consideration, appreciate and gratitude but if I am not happy, if things don’t click for me, if there is no real chemistry, I don’t punish myself or them by continuing to be with someone who is not a fit for me and vice versa.

The wisdom experience is, for me, a valuable means of being alert to the pitfalls of life and being mindful of not repeating lessons I’ve already learned. I am not a fan of foolishly banging my head against the wall. Are you?

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