Friday, April 27, 2018

I Talk To My Cells, My Body And They Listen

When you take a medicine, a pill into your body, that medicine, its chemical configuration “talks” to your body and creates, hopefully, a healthful effect. I am happy that we have these medicines that can help people get well and stay well. We, I have discovered, can also use nontraditional or alternative methods in combination wth synthetic medicines and pills. We can use cannabis, Shamans, Chiropractic, Yoga, Meditation, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, vibrationa medicine, herbs, flowers, tinctures, homeopathy and many other non-clinical modalities to heal the body, mind and Spirit. There is also another way that we can heal ourselves that I have found works in combination with right eating, right exercise and all around right living which is mostly about keeping your body, mind, emotions and Spirit in a balanced state. It is talking to your cells, talking to your body. I talk to my cells and body and have found that they listen. When I talk to my cells, my body, I don’t neccessarily talk out loud. I talk within myself. How do I know they listen?

I have discovered that my cells and body listen when I talk to them because I have seen, I have experienced healing in my body from communicating my intent to it. Remember that the body speaks the mind. All the illnesses that come about are a result of an imbalance of mind, emotion and soul. When mind, emotion and soul are out of alignment, imbalanced, troubled, you will have disease manifest in the body as a means of talking to you so that you can take care of the problem. Disease is a way the body communicates. Often, people die because they did not listen to their cells and body early on. They ignored the symptoms their body was using to get their attention. I learned how to talk directly to and with my cells and body and have found it a great modality for healing in addition to medicines that my Doctor prescribed for me. How does one talk to one’s cells and body?

For many, talking to their cells and body will be a leap of faith as they believe their body is just a clinical machine that has no intelligence. This is a misguided belief system!!! The cells and your body overall has an innate intelligence as a miraculous homeostatic organism that always seeks balance and integrity. When it is out of balance, it tells you and because most people are deaf to its pleadings, they end up dead or dying before their time. I have healed many things in my cells and body by talking to them and commanding that they go back to health. I assure my cells and body that I am aware of their struggle and that I am helping to alleviate their imbalance. They listen. It works. I become healthier.

Talk to you cells and your body. They listen as you talk to them within yourself. It’s called self-talk. They have intelligence and awareness just like you do. Being sick is not a necessary or mandated state of being as we age. There are many stories of people with major diseases who, along with medical treatment, have helped themselves along to a healthier more balanced state. They did not die. Talk to your cells and body...they are waiting to hear from you.

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