Monday, April 9, 2018

I See And Am The Light

I see my light and I am that light. What is that light? That light is the light of God. That light is in everything. What does this signify?

The fact that I see my light and I am that light signifies that the energy of God is with me, right here. This flies in the face of the popular notion, the belief purveyed by religions that God is out there somewhere. God is not here where I am according to the religions I have studied that say I have to go through someone in order to know God. This is false. God is here with me and in me. I need no one and nothing to be God.

This has not been easy to accept. I am not saying that I am the TOTALITY OF GOD. I am saying that I am A PIECE OF GOD. A PIECE. Accepting that I am a piece of God is a quantum leap of faith. I am still processing this within my being. Why am I processing this discovery, this reality?

When I thought about why I am still processing that I am God also, it dawned on me that I am afraid of God, afraid of myself. I’m afraid of myself? The idea that I am afraid of myself, afraid of God, was in itself, a mind bending concept to wrap my head around. Why would I be afraid of myself? Where I discovered this fear originated from is my ego. My ego tells me that it is afraid of that which is more than it because it fears being usurped, being overriden, being made to feel less than. My ego and ego in general doesn’t like that. It wants to survive at all costs and behave fearfullly in its attempt to get me to make it the final arbiter in who I am and not God. Isn’t the ego some piece of work?

What do I do now? The only thing I can do is remain friends with my ego and assure it that I am not
abandoning it, not toppling it. I simply tell it that we are OK and that we are just expanding our concept of ourselves with the ego along for the ride. I tell it that we have moved from an I to a WE. I tell my ego that I love it and it then relaxes so that I can be God also. Does this make sense?

This process has been one of meeting my destiny. I have realized that I am a piece of God. Hopefully, that and 50 cents will get me a cup of coffee!!!

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