Sunday, April 8, 2018

I Saw God And Realized It Was Me

I can see my aura, the bluish, white light emanating from my body. You can take that any way you want but it’s a fact. I was once afraid of this light as it is very bright like a strong fluorescent light coming off my body and I thought I was seeing things or that this light was coming from somewhere else. It’s not from somewhere else, its from me. Why is this important?

The importance of this experience is that I can see this energy, this energy is calling me and asking me to face who I really am and it is me and it is also, I intuit, part of God and I am afraid of it. In a sense, it is my burning bush experience. I realize that it is my ego that is afraid but my soul will have none of this fear. Please understand, the fear is not like the fear of encountering a bear in the woods where one fears for one’s life. This fear is the fear of Self, of not believing that I am this incredible energy that I am seeing emanating off my body. It is the fear of like what is this. What did I decide to do?

Seeing this emananation from my body is nothing new with me. What is new is the intensity of the light. So, at this juncture of encountering this intensity of light right next to me, at my night table in my bedroom while the lights are off, I decided to talk to it. In talking to it, I admitted that I was startled by it but that I am ready to face it, accept it, allow it and ultimately, love it. It did not “talk” to me as a human talks. It talked to me in a sense I got from it, from myself. It said that, “yes, this is you. This is also part of God. You and God are one being. Wherever you are, God is and vice versa. What you are seeing as this light emanating from you is you and God both. Don’t be afraid of this as this is YOU.” This happened last Friday and I have been thinking about it since, processing, allowing.

I do believe that I saw God and I believe that it was and is me. I am a piece of God having a human, physical experience that is real and palpable. It’s not a joke. I am not demented or have hallucinations. I don’t take drugs or drink alcohol, so I am in my right mind all the time. You cannot call me a luney tunes. I am sane and I am experiencing the essence of myself, of God, I am having my burning bush experience but I am not on Mount Ararat, I am in my bedroom seeing this incredible light all around me.

I saw God and realized it was me. I have put that in my pipe and smoked it. Have you?

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