Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I Dont’ Believe In Missionary Work

I don’t believe in spreading my spiritual message around the world by going on missionary trips to try to change the religion of others because I believe my religion or spirituality is superior or better or the only one or the true one. There are many religions that go around the world to “save” others because they believe they have the right religion. To me, this is the height of ego, the height or arrogance. Who are these people to say they have the answers?

To me, spiritualuality is a personal thing, God is inside and it is up to each person to find God inside. Allow people to find God inside them and stop running around the world doing missionary work that is the most insidious form of ego control there is on the planet. Your religion and spirituality is not better or truer than anyone else’s. If you are superior in your religious beliefs, keep it to yourself. You are allowed to believe whatever you desire, in my book. Believe about God and spirituality what you wish but don’t come to my country and tell me I have to change the way I see God because it’s not good enough for you or that I need to be saved. I don’t need to be saved. You need to be saved.

Instead of missionary work in a foreign country, why don’t you build homes for the homeless? Why don’t you feed the hungry? Why don’t you go to Syria and help rebuild that war torn country? Why don’t you help to prevent suicide in teens? Why don’t you work to prevent homelessness in teens? Why don’t you keep the elderly company? Why don’t you help people in your own city, your own back yard instead of traveling to a foreign country or another state or city and proselytizing your religion?

When you have the audacity to go to another country and tell those people they need to change their
religion, you are practicing the height of glamor. I don’t believe you are going there to save anyone. It’s a big lie. You are going there to convert people so that they can pay your church more money and so that your church has more congregants to pay more money to keep that church afloat. It’s sickening.

I don’t believe in missionary work. It’s false work. Keep your religion to yourself and let people work
out their religious beliefs for themselves. Who are you anyway to be proselytizing? You don’t have all the answers!!!! What you are is greedy and egocentric.

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