Thursday, April 12, 2018

How To Listen To Your Soul

I have learned how to listen to my soul. How does it speak to me so that I understand it? I have found through experience that the soul does not always talk in words although on occasion it does. It’s most dominant means of communication is through symbology, through dreams, through images, through feelings. It does not come through thoughts. It speaks more along the lines of hunches, intuition, psychic visions and the like. Why is it important to listen to your soul?

My discovery of listening to my soul was the foundation of having a guide that lead me to my destiny. I may not have initially realized it was my soul talking to me but I was open enough to heed its promptings and ended up realizing many beautiful experiences in my life because of it and ultimately, my destiny.

At first, when my soul spoke to me, it felt like something was telling me I needed to do a thing. It came through a feeling that I must do such and such and I would follow that sense. The more I so-called listened to my soul, the more clear its communication became. I noticed that the soul never spoke in the voice of my ego, that is, it never prompted me to control others, judge others, approve of others, compare myself to others or compete with others, never asked me to feel better than others. The above also goes for how I felt about myself. I soon realized that my soul spoke to me through its desire to expand its awareness and this I found it most often did by taking me out of my comfort zone. For example, it would ask me to change my locale, who I was living with and sometimes it came out of nowhere and the places it asked me to move to were often not of my own natural

I found that my soul didn’t care what my ego thought at all. If my soul wanted a thing, it was going to get it. My soul did not mess around with achieving our destiny.

So, again, how does one listen to one’s soul? From my vantage point, I suggest listening to that small voice whispering in the back of your mind. If the voice is asking you to harm yourself and others, if it is ego-based, it is not your soul. The soul does not speak like a human at all. It is not human even though it can project a human form for its needs which is to gain greater awareness of itself. It WILL achieve its destiny and you are welcome to come along for the ride...or not!

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